Warmup Electric Radiant Heat

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StickyMat Radiant floor Heating – Warmup Electric Radiant Heat

Dryfit WIBs – next step Thin-set

Consider Thermal Sub-floor Insulation:

Did you know that using thermal insulation with your floor heat system will result in your floor reaching operating temperature up to 4-hours faster? According to Warmup, heat-up times with floor insulation, in testing, were cut from over 2½ hours to just 25 minutes.

A lot of contractors do not use thermal insulation when installing radiant heating — that is a BIG mistake. I was one of them, and the reason was, I simply did not know that using thermal insulation makes your system heat up faster and prevent heat loss from below.

I now use Warmup Insulation Boards [WIB] for floor heat installations like this. WIBs can be used as a tile backer board underlayment on your concrete slab or wood sub-floor. WIBs is made from extruded rigid polystyrene foam. The key behind the success is the rigid blue core, which is totally waterproof and requires no additional moisture barrier.

WIBs help reflect heat upwards, and prevent heat loss into the sub-floor or cold slab. WIBs provide a 92% thermal break from the cold sub-floor and ensure that your floor heating system operates at the highest and most efficient levels. That’s something that not only helps me sell these systems to my clients, but makes people feel like they are using electricity efficiently and getting the most out of their radiant heat system.

Warmup Electric Radiant Heat

The key points to Warmup Insulation Boards are:

  • Increased energy efficiency – the boards help cutting the heat-up time by up to 90%.
  • Strong but flexible – they are ¼-inch thick, and made from extruded polystyrene, and coated with fiberglass and concrete, the boards withstand a load of 30 tons per square meter and they can be cut to size to suit all shapes of rooms.
  • Waterproof and soundproof in one single step – the boards are ideal in waterproofing bathrooms and kitchens and also carry sound proofing properties.
  • High thermal insulation – the boards create a barrier to cold rising from the sub-floor with high R values.
  • Can be cut with a utility knife.
  • Come in boxes of 6 (48 sq. ft.). Warmup ships them directly to your doorstep or job-site.
  • Depending on the cost of electricity and price of the WIBs insulation boards, pay-back time is estimated between 1.7 and 2.1 years.

The Warmup insulation boards measure 2’x4’x¼” and can withstand 5,735 lbs. per square foot. They also have inorganic and waterproof capabilities that make them inhospitable to mold.

StickyMat Radiant floor Heating – Warmup Electric Radiant Heat

Recessed area for cold lead and sensor

Concrete Floor Tip:

If the Warmup heating mat is being installed onto a concrete base, it is highly recommended that a layer of insulation is used prior to installing the heating mat. The thermal insulation reflects the heat upwards instead of allowing heat to penetrate into the sub-floor, greatly improving the warm-up times & running costs.

Installing WIBs Over Plywood:

  • Measure, cut to size and dry fit your WIBs boards, with staggered joints.
  • Spread down a modified mortar using a notched trowel.
  • I install one board at a time and work my way through the room. Set the boards in mortar and press down firmly and evenly with a rubber float.
  • Install galvanized screws and tabless washers approx. every 8-inches
  • Use WIB-Sealant to seal seams, and washer locations.
  • Install your radiant heating system according to manufacturers recommendations.
StickyMat Radiant floor Heating – Warmup Electric Radiant Heat

Warmup Sensor install

Install the Warmup StickyMat

Warmup StickyMats, can be installed on sub-floors, concrete slabs, or tile backer boards. It should be installed with the cables facing up. Installation is simple, simply roll out the mat, remove the adhesive tape covering and firmly down onto the Warmup Thermal boards.

Install the thermostat sensor probe a minimum of 12” into the heated area, and between the heating cables.

Prepare acrylic / latex modified thin-set according to manufacturer’s instructions and cover over the mat and cables. Use the flat side of the trowel when covering the mat.

NOTE: If using the Warmup Thermal boards you DO NOT need to use thin-set to secure / embed the mat down– this is where you save time! The mats stick securely to the Warmup boards and then you simply thin-set over the mat.

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