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A Concord Carpenter Delivers Tips For Simple Home Repair In New TV Show

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During the highly informative 30 minute program, we  demonstrate to homeowners how to handle a variety of simple home improvement projects with minimal experience and tools.

The show concludes with a “Quick Fix” segment aimed at giving individuals the confidence to tackle a wide range of projects on their own.


A Concord Carpenter Cable Television Show


Episode 1: Bath Fan Install, Changing a Door Knob 

Episode 2: Ceiling Hole Patch, Stripped Screw Removal

Episode 3: Installing Weatherstripping On a Door

Episode 4: Replacing Garage Door Glass and Window Repair

Episode 5: Replacing a mailbox and repairing a Downspout

Episode 6:  Installing a Pre-hung Garage 20 Minute, Fire-Rated Door

Episode 7:   Installing a wall safe and landscaping project

Episode 8:    Flag pole installation for US Veteran

Episode 9:   Roof and gutter deicing system installation   

Episode 10:  Installing Structural Columns

Episode 11:   Rustoleum Epoxy Floor and Dumpsterbags

Episode 12:  Anderson Storm Door Installation

Episode 13:  Door Installations

Episode 14:   Habitat for Humanity Restore and custom wood door mat

Episode 15:   Installing A Pet Door

Episode 16:  Wheelchair Ramp – Snow Melt System

Episode 17:    Inside Our Tool Reviews, Build America Training, Lawn and Garden Tips

Episode   18:  Installing Anderson Storm Door and Sharkbite Plumbing Connectors

Episode 19:     Cloplay Garage Door Makeover

Episode 20:   Smoke Alarms, Masonry Fastening, Dewalt LED Lamp Review, Fixing a Slow Draining Sink

Episode 21:  Ice Dams and Snow Loads on Roofs


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