Blind Mark Drywall Tool

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The Blind Mark Drywall Tool

Measuring and cutting drywall / paneling to fit over an electrical outlet, switch box or recessed light can be a pain.

If your not careful you end up having to settle for a joint where you don’t want one or worse yet, scraping a piece of wainscoting paneling or birch plywood because you just cut a hole in the wrong spot! That can get costly!

See my video below on using these neat tools:

The folks at Blind Mark recently sent me three of their innovative drywall and paneling tools. These tool save valuable time and money during the drywall / paneling measuring and cutting process.

Blind Mark Products:
1. Blind Mark
2. Center Mark
3. Multi-Mark
All three products contain a magnetic component that you insert into the electrical box or recessed light box and a locator magnet that is used to locate the other magnet through the material you wish to cut.
According to Blind Mark theses tools completely eliminates the need for measuring to locate electrical boxes or recessed lights. Additionally they also eliminate errors and wasted material from wrong cuts.


First Impression:
All three kits are made from hard plastic with neodymium magnet inserts. The idea is so innovative that kept saying to myself, “why didn’t I think of this.”
The neodymium magnets are extremely strong and can also be used as a stud finder for metal studs.
The Blind Mark Kit was the simplest, least likely to break and most professionally packaged. the kit comes with a nicely molded plastic storage case. I am all about storage cases and like to see a case to protect and store tools when not in use.
Using the kits:

I built a small 2×4 demo wall in my shop and installed two electrical boxes and a recessed light to test out the Blind Mark Kits.

WARNING: Blind Mark advises that if you use a pacemaker, or any implanted electronic devices do not use this product. Also, do not use Blind Mark near a person who has a pacemaker or any electronic implanted device as the magnetic field could interfere with its operation.

Using The Blind Mark Kit:
Step 1:
Place Blind Mark Target, with the arrow pointing up, in Electrical Box. If you have a multiple gang box, install the targets at each end of the box.

Step 2:

Once the Blind Mark Target is installed in the box, cover the box up with the drywall. Position your drywall in the exact location and fasten it top and bottom with drywall screws.
Step 3:
With the arrow on the Blind Mark Locator facing up, pass the Locator across the area in which the Blind Mark Target is Located. The Locator will find the Target and snap in place. Hold the sides of the Locator and let it jump to the final position on its own. If the Locator does not look plumb, rotate it right or left until it appears plumb. Then, take your pencil and mark around the Locator, outlining the box perimeter.
Step 4:

Remove the Blind Mark Locator from the drywall. Cut out the drywall using your mark as a guide. If you are using a handsaw, keep in mind that the cut on the side where the stud is must be a shallow cut. A variety of tools (manual or power) can be used to cut the drywall.
Step 5:

Remove the drywall cutout and the Blind Mark Target. Finish screwing down the drywall and you are done.

Center Mark:

Note: I was not able to test the Center Mark because my recessed light box was 5 1/2″ deep. This is recessed box an “old work” and is designed for old houses with 2×6 joists. It seems that the Center Mark will work on larger recessed lighting boxes.

Step 1:

Screw Center Mark Target into the light bulb socket inside the recessed light fixture, Let the telescoping magnet extend down pass the ceiling level.

Step 2:

Once the Center Mark Target is installed in the recessed light fixture, cover the recessed light fixture with the drywall. Position your drywall in the exact location and fasten it with enough drywall screws to make it secure.

Step 3:

With the magnet face on the Center Mark Locator facing up, pass the Locator across the area in which the Target is located. Find the Target and let the Locator snap in place.

Step 4;

With your spiral saw plunge the tip of the bit cutter into the drywall on the outside of the Locator and move to the out until you make contact with the inside wall of the recessed light fixture .

Pull the cutter out of the drywall and jumping the wall of the recessed light fixture, about ¼ inch more then the thickness of the light fixture, and plunge the tip of the bit cutter into the drywall on the out side of light fixture. Move the cutter counter clockwise 360 degrees around the recessed light fixture.

Step 5:

Remove the drywall cut out and the Center Mark Target. Finish screwing the drywall and you’re Done!!!

Note: The Center Mark is used to cut out 4″, 5″, and 6″ recessed light fixture openings.

Multi Mark:
Step 1:

Compare the Multi Mark™ locator to the outside perimeter of the electrical box you are using. Electrical boxes vary so this will show you where to make your cut(on the line inside or outside the line).

Place Multi Mark™ target in electrical box inserting the ends of the springs into the electrical box device locating holes. Take a mental note as to the direction of the arrow. If you have a multi-gang box you install the targets at each end of the box.

Step 2:
With the Multi Mark™ target installed in the electrical box, cover the box up with the drywall. Position your drywall in the exact location and fasten with enough screws to safely secure the drywall.
Step 3:
With the arrow on the Multi Mark™ locator facing in the same direction as Multi Mark™ target, pass the locator across the area in which the target is located. The locator will find the target and snap in place. Do not force the locator into position. Then using the appropriate template, use your pencil to mark around the locator, outlining the electrical box perimeter.

Step 4:

Remove the locator from the drywall. Cut out the drywall using your mark as a guide. If you are using a hand saw, keep in mind, the cut on the side where the stud is must be a shallow cut. Multiple tools can then be used (hand or electric) to cut the drywall.
Step 5:
Remove the drywall cut out and Multi Mark™ target.
Note: When removing the Multi Mark™ target use two hands, holding each end of the spring pull straight out. Finish screwing down the drywall. And you’re Done!!!
Overall Impression:
All of these products work as advertised. They eliminate the need for measuring and easily locate what your looking for. The process is quick and simple – completely error proof. No more wasted drywall / paneling sheets
I liked the Blind Mark over the multi Mark. It seemed the most durable and easy to use. The Center Mark is a very cool and innovative idea.
These tools will no doubt save the DIYer or novice installer a ton of time and wasted material fitting drywall or paneling over electrical boxes and recessed lights. The Blind Mark products are inexpensive and will pay for themselves with the savings of two sheets of drywall or one piece of wainscoting paneling!
The Blind Mark kit sells for $ 25.00, the Center Mark kit sell for $ 17.95 and the Multi Mark kit sells for
$ 18.95. You can buy them through Blind Mark or here.
This review contains my opinion of a product. I take pride in providing my readers with an honest and objective information as well as a practical approach to using a product. I never accept payment in exchange for a positive review. Many of the tools and products are provided to for free by a manufacturer for review.
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