Bosch XL-Cart Review

By Josh Bordenca on Tool Reviews

Bosch XL-Cart ReviewBosch XL-Cart Improves Contractor Mobility and Organization

By Josh Bordenca

Tool industries have now changed gears more towards organization.  Whether you own Bosch, DeWalt, Festool, Milwaukee, or the several other brands out there, portability to and from job sites and workshops is a key component in productivity.  In this Bosch XL-Cart review we took a closer look at Bosch’s second generation tool cart, to see if it was worth using to be more efficient.

Bosch XL-Cart Improves Organization

The days of multiple trips lugging all sorts of tools of various weights, are over.  That hour that one spends just setting up a site, can now be significantly be cut down due to 2-wheel carts that are being introduced with tool storage systems.

The Bosch XL-Cart is a phenomenal addition to their Click and Go L-Boxx Storage System, which we did an in depth review on, but it is also useful for carrying other items as well.

Bosch recognized that there is a huge for tool organization and transportation improvement on the job site.  They recognized the importance of portability and productivity and applied it to this 300 pound load capacity, large cargo platform, two-wheel cart.  Having a 300 pound capacity allows you to not only transport your tools, and a lot of them, but other items like concrete bags, heavy barrels or even furniture.

Rugged Construction

The rugged tubular steel design with large rubber wheels has made this cart fully capable to take on even the roughest of job site terrains.  Don’t be fooled, weighing in just under 30 pounds does not sound like a lot, but once you take hold of this cart, you can feel just how solid it is.

With any tool, or piece of equipment, some maintenance is required.  Bosch has instructed that the moving metal/aluminum parts be oiled regularly, and to clean the XL-Cart with a damp cloth when needed.

Folds For Storage

When you have completed your tasks and wish to store the XL-Cart, it folds into a flat profile for convenient handling and storage.

Bosch XL-Cart Review



My only recommendation would be to have the compression strap attached to the cart. As it stands the strap is not attached and seems a bit weak for a 300 pound load. Personally it may be a small fix, but it’s a part that can be lost.

It would be a benefit to have this strap permanently secured to the cart. I have also had the strap loosen while carting tools and although I am careful, accidents can happen, and I feel having a better designed strap for such a sturdy cart would give this product an A+.

Overall Impression

I have been wheeling tools from site to site with this item, both rugged and smooth, even and uneven terrain. As expected this XL-Cart handled as it should, with ease. It saves me from repeated trips back to the truck and I really like how the top handle expands upwards for extended leverage of heavier and taller items you may be carting.  Bosch also incorporated 2 additional lower handles with a neutral grip, that can be stowed, if not needed.

The Bosch XL-Cart is a great addition to your tool transport system by eliminating the multitude of tools to and from the job site.

Were delighted to see Bosch improving on this system, check out our in-depth review and trailer conversion where we converted ALL of our tool boxes to the Bosch Click and Go System.

Bosch XL-Cart ReviewSpecifications:

  •                 300 lb. Load Capacity flat surfaces
  •                 75 lb. Load Capacity on stairs, ramps, or similar surfaces
  •                 Rugged steel Construction
  •                 Large Rubber Wheels
  •                 Compression strap – securing items for transport
  •                 Stow-able handles
  •                 Fold-able, flat design for compact storage.
  •                 Weight: 27.9 lbs.
  •                 Compatible with L-Boxx1, L-Boxx2, L-Boxx3, L-Boxx4, L-Boxx3D, and L-Boxx1A

How Much?

The Bosch XL-Cart sells online for $149.00 here: Bosch-XL-CART-Storage-System-L-Boxx

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