Ridgid 18v Lithium-ion X4 Hammer Drill

By Robert Robillard on Tool Reviews

Ridgid 18v Lithium-ion X4 Hammer Drill R8611501K ReviewRidgid 18v Lithium-ion X4 Hammer Drill

By Wayne Cormier

I’m a builder/remodeler with over 35 years experience in the trades. As a contractor it is essential to have the right tools for the job. They help increase productivity and save money on labor cost. If a tool can save me time it takes to do a job I’m all for it. I’ve become sort of a tool guru for all the years of using them and pride myself in having the best.

When Ridgid sent me their New Cordless ½ inch 18v Lithium-ion x4 Hammer Drill I couldn’t wait to test it on the job. Cordless drills are one of the most used tools as a contractor and we expect a lot from them. The Ridgid 18v Lithium-ion X4 Hammer Drill  felt very solid and well balanced, has two speeds/reversible and came with a heavy duty auxiliary handle, two Lithium-ion batteries, 45 min charger and soft case.


  • Torque 615 inch/lbs
  • 4-Pole Open Frame Motor for compact design
  • Grip Light engages light independently of trigger to illuminate work space
  • Hex Grip™ innovative micro texture for secure grip a
  • Model Selector quick transition between driving, drilling or hammering modes without changing the clutch setting197
  • ½ Inch Single Sleeve Ratcheting Chuck carbide locking mechanism securely holds bits
  • Die Cast Gear Box
  • Powered by Hyper™ Lithium built battery


  • Hammer Drill
  • Volts: 18V
  • Torque: 615 in. lbs
  • Chuck: 1/2 in. carbide locking jaws
  • No Load Speeds: 0-450 / 0-1600 RPM
  • 0-7,200 / 0-25,600 BPM
  • Volts: 18V output, 120V input
  • Charge time: 45 min.
  • Battery: 18V –  3.0 Ah lithium-ion battery

On the Job

When I first picked up the Ridgid 18v Lithium-ion X4 Hammer Drill  the light came on without having to press the trigger. This became one of my Ridgid 18v Lithium-ion X4 Hammer Drill favorite features. The light is on the front base of the tool which is perfect for visibility while using. Drills with lights around chuck are blocked by your hand while holding screws to screw tip.

Inserting and removing batteries was as smooth as butter and controls worked just as well. Everyone on the crew was impressed on how well the chuck worked when locking bits into place. Our first test on site was running 10-inch structural screws into 4” x 6” timbers we were installing onto the ceiling.

These beams were 40 year old reclaimed timbers and hard as a rock. The drill performed flawlessly and we were able to install the screws without pre-drilling the beams. We used hole saws, speedy bits, drill bits and installed different length screws to test the drill and no matter what we thru at the Ridgid x4 got the job done. The torque adjustment ring worked well when driving smaller screws. What really impressed me was how well the hammer action worked.

While drilling tapcons with one of our other cordless hammer drills the drill bogged down in the hole so we tried the Ridged X4 and drilled right thru. The Ridgid held masonry bits perfectly straight in the chuck with no play which is important when installing Tapcons in concrete. When we used the larger concrete bits and hole saws we installed the auxiliary handle assembly which was easy to install and kept the drill very stable.After performing so well on the job, I decided to really put the Ridgid Drill to the test.Ridgid 18v Lithium-ion X4 Hammer Drill

I wanted to see how much work could be done on one full battery charge, by consecutively using an assortment of drill bits and heavy duty screws used on the construction site. This was done by drilling and screwing into a 4×4 pressure treated beam, a left over 40 year old 4inch x 6inch rock hard timber, and a piece of 5/4 pressure treated piece of wood .

I used a 1 ½ inch and 1inch speedy drill bit, and a ½ inch standard drill bit to drill holes into the lumber, and drove 8 inch ledger bolts and 8 inch structural bolts into the wood. The drill bits and bolts were used on each piece of lumber as many times possible, before the battery had no charge left. All of the testing was done consecutively, and on one full battery charge. As you can see from the picture, I was able to complete a lot of work using only one battery.

During the test, even when only one bar of charge was left on the battery, it still performed just as well as on a full charge. When the test was over, the back end of the drill was hot, but I felt that was expected due to the excessive use of the drill. Note; The speedy drill bits and drill bits used were well used bits and slightly dull, the kind you would likely have on the job. After the test I recharged the battery and gained full charge in only 30 minutes.Ridgid 18v Lithium-ion X4 Hammer Drill

My last test for the tool is one I hated doing because l normally take very good care of my tools. I dropped the drill from 3 ft. , 6 ft. and 8 ft. onto the concrete floor numerous times to see how well the drill would hold up to abuse on the job. The drill still worked as good as new.

Overall Impression

The Ridgid 18v Lithium-ion X4 Hammer Drill  is a class act hammer drill!  The only features I would add is a second light on top for even better visibility and thicker rubber on the top sides to protect drill.


About the author:  Wayne Cormier is a state certified building contractor in Florida. He has 35 years of experience in the design, building, and remodeling of residential and commercial properties.


Ridgid 18v Lithium-ion X4 Hammer Drill Ridgid 18v Lithium-ion X4 Hammer Drill



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