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Rockwell SoniCrafter Oscillating Tool Review

The folks over at Rockwell recently sent a 72 piece Rockwell SoniCrafter Oscillating Multi-tool kit to review, model # RK5102K. [shown below]

Rockwell SoniCrafter Oscillating Tool

First Impression:

When I took this tool out of the box it looked and felt like a quality tool. I like the rubber grip casing on the tool housing and exposed metal housing feels sturdy and durable.

The on /off switch was placed well on top of the tool accommodating left or right handed operators.

The ten foot power cord is greatly appreciated as is the variable speed. I found myself using the variable speed by starting a cut operation in a lower speed and once I had a scored line, I increased the speed to full speed and finished the cut.

I found the operating manual limited in describing how to use the accessories.

The soniCrafter 72 piece kit includes:

•1 Variable Speed SoniCrafter
•1 Semicircle Saw Blade
•1 Universal End Cut Blade
•1 Precision End Cut Blade
•30 Sanding Sheets
•30 Finger Sanding Sheets
•1 Sanding Pad
•1 Finger Sanding Pad
•1 Triangular Carbide Grit Rasp
•1 Carbide Grit Semicircle Blade
•1 Polishing Pad
•1 Vacuum Adapter
•1 Scraper
•1 SoniCrafter Adapter
•1 Hex key tool
•1 Soft carry case

Testing the SoniCrafter in the field:

I’ve been using this tool for a few weeks now and have some practical input on it that you may find interesting.

I found the SoniCrafter very useful when splicing in exterior house trim like window sills, corner boards, sofit cuts and water table as seen below. The tool cuts easily with little pressure applied to the tool.

I can also see it as useful with interior remodeling situations where you need to save interior trim by cutting it back or when fitting cabinets or bookcases into a previously trimmed space.Rockwell SoniCrafter Oscillating Tool

Using a speed square to keep the SonoCrafter straight I was able to cut out a rotted section of the water table trim in a matter of seconds.

Time is money and this tool will save you time and make you money!

Testing the SoniCrafter in the shop:

I attached the vacuum adapter easily to the SoniCrafter and then connected it to my workshop dust collection system via a 2″ hose. I then attached the sanding pad and tested the tool to sand a cabinet door.

Rockwell SoniCrafter Oscillating Tool

The SoniCrafter’s vacuum adapter clips onto the tool and is shown installed below. The vacuum circles the end of the tool for 360 degree suction.

Rockwell SoniCrafter Oscillating Tool

The hook and loop sanding pad and triangular sanding sheets have pre-cut holes for the vacuum adapter to collect the dust created during sanding.

Rockwell SoniCrafter Oscillating Tool
Rockwell SoniCrafter Oscillating Tool

The SoniCrafter easily sanded this painted door down to bare wood and with little residual dust left on the surface.

Look at how close the tool came to the edges and corner. A random orbital or palm sander could never get this close. I would normally have to use a scraper, risking gouging damage, to get this close.

This is a great tool for tight, hard to reach sanding applications.

I also used the SoniCrafter to successfully remove years of dried glue that had dripped onto my shop floor and was as hard as cement. The SioniCrafter quickly and easily removed 100 percent of the glue with ease.

Below is an example of the grout removal tool installed on the SoniCrafter. It is designed to remove grout from 1/4″ grout joints which can be useful if replacing a damaged tile like the one shown below or re grouting.

I plan on testing this soon.

Rockwell SoniCrafter Oscillating Tool

The blades index onto the Sonicrafters hexagonal shaped receiver [below] and then are locked on with a flange washer and a retaining screw.

This receiver and the cut out on the blades and accessories mate to allow the blade / accessories to be angled in many useful directions. This is useful since in real world application nothing is every straight forward or easy.

Having a tool that is adaptable to the demands of job site environment is advantageous and will no doubt save you time and money.

Rockwell SoniCrafter Oscillating Tool

A flange washer and nut lock everything in place.

It is important to note that when mounting the blade on the SoniCrafter make sure that it seats tightly around the hexagonal receiver. A few times I failed to do this and the blade loosened on me.

Rockwell SoniCrafter Oscillating Tool

Sonicrafter, like Bosch, Dremmel and Fein all have proprietary accessories that don’t play well with others. SoniCrafter provides a universal adapter which allows this tool to be able to the competitions blades.

The adapter, shown below, fits over the hexagonal receive and locks in the blade. I did not test this adapter as of yet.

Rockwell SoniCrafter Oscillating Tool
Rockwell SoniCrafter Oscillating Tool

Overall Impression:

I was impressed with the SoniCrafter and did not run into any problems with the tool while testing it. It is competitively priced under $200. My Fein was $400.

My biggest issue with this tool was the lack of a tool free blade and accessory changing. It is an absolute reality that one of the guys or I will loose the nut, flange or hex wrench one of these days.

The SoniCrafter was not as powerful as my Fein but it had plenty of power to get the job done. Its a versatile, durable alternative at half the price as the Fein.

Price and Where to Buy:

You can purchase  your SoniCrafter here:  Rockwell-RK5102K-SoniCrafter-Deluxe-72-Piece  or get more information on the SoniCrafter and it’s accessories at SoniCrafter’s website :

  • SoniCrafter 20 pc. kit
  • SoniCrafter 37 pc. kit
  • SoniCrafter 72 pc. kit

The Rockwell SoniCrafter is a hand held multiple purpose tool. The SoniCrafter works by creating a high frequency oscillation motion.

The tool is adapted for a wide variety of applications by attaching specially designed accessories on the end of the oscillating shaft. The SoniCrafter by Rockwell Tools is excellent for sawing, sanding, scraping, cutting, rasping and removing grout.

The Rockwell SoniCrafter warranty covers parts and workmanship for two years from the date of purchase.

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