How To Build An Outdoor Shower

Outdoor Showers This article will discuss planning considerations for, and show you how to build an outdoor shower. Days of Old Outdoor Shower Outdoor showers used to be associated just for beach houses, cottages or houses with a pool.  Not anymore, outdoor showers are growing in popularity, and powered by the desire of residents longing…

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Custom Bookcases

Custom Raised Panel Bookcase Adding custom bookcases to a room can be part of the original room construction finish carpentry plan or done later as a remodel or add on.  Not only do custom bookcases look great and add a focal point to a room they can also optimize your space. Custom Bookcase Design Many…

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How to Prepare a Floor for Tile

How to Prepare a Floor for Tile In the remodeling industry plenty of smaller outfits still do their own tile work, but a majority of professional remodelers sub contract this specialty skill out. But what general contractors and remodelers are still stuck with is the prep work and framing repairs that often come with a bathroom…

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Warmup Electric Snow Melting Mat System

Installing Warmup Driveway Snow-Melting Mat As a remodeling contractor I advise on, and oversee, a lot of hardscaping projects. Recently, I’ve seen an increase in snow-melting system installations. Why Install a Snow Melting System? Living in the North means shoveling snow, salting your walkway and stairs, and plowing your driveway (or paying someone to do…

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Maintaining Wood Gutters

Maintaining Wood Gutter Tips Wood gutters have gone by the wayside with the invention and availability of pvc and aluminum gutters. People these days are so quick to go the “no or low maintenance” route. In my neck of the woods there are still a lot of historic and colonial homes that still have wood gutters.…

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