How To Build An Outdoor Shower

Outdoor Showers This article will discuss planning considerations for, and show you how to build an outdoor shower. Days of Old Outdoor Shower Outdoor showers used to be associated just for beach houses, cottages or houses with a pool.  Not anymore, outdoor showers are growing in popularity, and powered by the desire of residents longing…

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Custom Bookcases

Custom Raised Panel Bookcase Adding custom bookcases to a room can be part of the original room construction finish carpentry plan or done later as a remodel or add on.  Not only do custom bookcases look great and add a focal point to a room they can also optimize your space. Custom Bookcase Design Many…

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Installing a Snow Melting System

Snow Melting For Residential Remodeling Projects As a remodeling contractor we oversee a lot of landscaping with our projects. Recently we have seen an increase in snow melting projects.   SAFETY TIP – When performing projects like installing this walkway snow melt system or when cutting or grinding masonry it is super important to take…

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Sonos Wireless Sound System

SONOS – A Problem Solver At ConcordCarpenter we are all about improvising, adapting and overcoming obstacles or problems that plague the home remodeling industry. We recently took a close look at Sonos, a flexible and functional home sound system designed to work with wireless and existing wired speakers. We wanted to see if Sonos could…

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How To Clean A Dryer Duct

Learn How To Clean A Dryer Duct: When you consider that 15,000 fires start in the laundry room every year and that these fires are mostly due to lint build up in the clothes dryer or a clogged dryer duct it makes you wonder why we don’t do something about it.  Annual dryer duct cleaning will ensure…

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Festool CT Mini Vacuum Tool Reviews

Festool CT MINI Vacuum

Repairing Greek Cornice Roof Returns  By Robert Robillard on Home Repairs And Remodeling  Image: Repairing Greek Revival Cornice Roof Returns The Greek Revival roof return style emulated the temple forms of ancient Greece, resulting in the creation of straightforward, box-like buildings we see in historic towns of America.   Most Greek Revival buildings have substantial cornices that extended into gable ends as “returns.”  Below picture: this house had rotted roof rake returns.  The owner wanted to preserve the look of the returns but being mostly a horizontal surface they take a beating from the weather.  These horizontal surfaces are usually the first spot to rot out because snow and rain often collect on them. I’ve found that over the years painters, homeowners, etc often neglect this area because of its height and access issues. sometimes people opt to have these returns “boxed In” which really ruins the look of the house. The Practice of Using Metal Flashing  Over the years I’ve seen different approaches to preserving these roof returns – usually with lead or aluminum flashing.  I prefer copper and think it’s the best looking option.  Wrapping  these Greek Revival roof returns in copper and allowing the copper to weather into a nice patina actually creates a nice looking detail.  Repairing Greek Cornice Roof Returns  I started out by replacing all of the rotted wood. A slight pitch is built into the return shelf to shed rain water and melting snow.  Repairing Greek Cornice Roof Returns Copper Drip Edge Starts The Repair  I then installed copper drip edge to the front and side edges of the Greek Revival return.  The drip edge allows me to bend copper over its edge to create a secure copper cover.  The copper top slips into the fascia / sofit cavity and is bent up to fit against the sidewall of the house.  I then secure it with copper nails.  I always put the copper nails into elongated holes to allow for expansion and contraction.  This repair is good for a 100 years.  Repairing Greek Cornice Roof Returns If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed! More on Home Repairs And Remodeling      Mudroom Door and Tile     Slider Door Adjustment     Custom Wood Radiator Covers     Copper Lantern Repair     How to Maintain Your Refrigerator  About the author Robert Robillard  Carpenter / Remodeler / Editor / Video Talent  Robert Robillard is a general contractor, carpenter and operates a remodeling company located in Concord, MA. He is the editor of and ToolBoxBuzz. Rob is a recognized leader in tool and how-to information for building professionals, he hosts the Concord Carpenter Cable TV Show, offering advice on home repairs and maintenance. On his website, Rob uses his knowledge and experience to help and educate on best practices in the remodeling industry. His motto: “Well done is better than well said!”.  Robert Robillard Carpentry @robertrobillard Facebook Google+  All posts by Robert » Recommended articles Installing a New Roof Remove Algae Stains Off Roof Remove Algae Stains Off Roof Copper Door Entablature Copper Door Entablature Plywood Rot The Most Common Locations for Roof Leaks Not what you're looking for?  Search for more articles here. Enter keywords like roof leak, bookcase, deck, etc to find your topic. Leave a Comment      Connect     RSS feedTwitter Facebook LinkedIn YouTube     Topics         Bathrooms         Contractor Advice         Decks / Porches         Design         Electrical         Energy Saving         Exterior Repairs         Finish Carpentry         Home / Personal Safety         How To         Interior Repairs         Kitchens         Landscape         Remodeling         Roofing         Reviews         Tools PLUS!         Workshop tips     Latest Videos:     More Videos     My Carpentry Website     A Concord Carpenter, LLC Remodeling     Robert Robillard Finish Carpentry & Renovations, LLC     "Well done is better than well said"      Contact     Advertise     Disclaimer & Privacy Policy  © Copyright 2014 A Concord Carpenter · All Rights Reserved Skip to toolbar      A Concord Carpenter	     10	     New	     Edit Post	     SEO     Delete Cache	      Howdy, Robert Robillard	  Log Out Home Repairs And Remodeling

Repairing Greek Cornice Roof Returns

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