How To Build An Outdoor Shower

Outdoor Showers This article will discuss planning considerations for, and show you how to build an outdoor shower. Days of Old Outdoor Shower Outdoor showers used to be associated just for beach houses, cottages or houses with a pool.  Not anymore, outdoor showers are growing in popularity, and powered by the desire of residents longing…

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Custom Bookcases

Custom Raised Panel Bookcase Adding custom bookcases to a room can be part of the original room construction finish carpentry plan or done later as a remodel or add on.  Not only do custom bookcases look great and add a focal point to a room they can also optimize your space. Custom Bookcase Design Many…

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Sealing Tile and Grout

How To Seal Tile and Grout I’m a remodeling contractor in the Northeast and can tell you that most bathroom re-modeler do not take the time to seal tile grout for their customers. We could debate why and I’ll probably point to a missing level of professionalism, ignorance, communication and cost but that’s for a…

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Gilmour Flexogen Hose

Gilmour Flexogen Premium Duty Hose  How many of you reading this have leaking garden hoses or worse yet watering nozzles that have been on your hose so long they’ve fused to the coupling? Come on, you know who you are; I bet there’s a ton of you. You’re Only As Good As Your Weak Link…

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Paint One Side of Your House, Once a Year

Paint One Side of Your House a Year – Save Time and Money Painting your house yourself can be a daunting task, not to mention it’s a big commitment of time.  It can also be rewarding and if you have the time, it can certainly save you money.  Once you get past the time is…

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