How To Build An Outdoor Shower

Outdoor Showers This article will discuss planning considerations for, and show you how to build an outdoor shower. Days of Old Outdoor Shower Outdoor showers used to be associated just for beach houses, cottages or houses with a pool.  Not anymore, outdoor showers are growing in popularity, and powered by the desire of residents longing…

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Custom Bookcases

Custom Raised Panel Bookcase Adding custom bookcases to a room can be part of the original room construction finish carpentry plan or done later as a remodel or add on.  Not only do custom bookcases look great and add a focal point to a room they can also optimize your space. Custom Bookcase Design Many…

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Creating an Outdoor Living Space

Planning An Outdoor Living Space: When entertaining the favorite hangout in my home always seemed to be the kitchen. There seems to be a magnetic pull to the kitchen, especially when my wife is in there entertaining the crowd with her culinary skills and great sense of humor.  A sense of humor, I might add,…

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Installing A Roof Cricket

What’s a roof cricket? Before installing a roof cricket you first should understand what it is and why it is important. A roof cricket is a ridge structure designed to divert water on a roof. Generally found on the high side of a chimney or the transition from one roof area to another, the cricket…

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How To Clean A Dryer Duct

Learn How To Clean A Dryer Duct: When you consider that 15,000 fires start in the laundry room every year and that these fires are mostly due to lint build up in the clothes dryer or a clogged dryer duct it makes you wonder why we don’t do something about it.  Annual dryer duct cleaning will ensure…

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