DripDrop Rehydration Electrolyte Powder

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DripDrop Rehydration Electrolyte Powder Review

At World of Concrete, Rob and I had the opportunity to meet several new brands that fit into our lane of traffic. Some companies that were new to us, and some that we have had talks with before. World of Concrete is a great place to build new working relationships with companies and that is exactly what we did with DripDrop.

There are several brands on the market today targeting electrolyte replacement. Many of them are readily available in every store you go into. The benefit of having DripDrop electrolyte powder sticks is you always have it with you and it’s as easy as mix and drink.

The History of DripDrop

DripDrop is an American-made product that is not your typical rehydration powder. It was developed by a humanitarian doctor who recognized the crucial role flavor plays in life-saving hydration—designed with two standards in mind: it had to work fast and it had to taste great. During early humanitarian aid missions, Dr.  Eduardo Dolhun witnessed the problematic taste barrier facing traditional ORS [oral rehydration system]. Although the ORS they were using was highly effective, it was hard to get down and keep down, especially for kids who’d unwittingly spit up the very thing that could save their lives. The number of preventable dehydration deaths stuck with Dr. Dolhun and led him to seek a better solution. Knowing that something that tasted great could be a game changer, Dr. Dolhun set out to remedy this. The result was DripDrop. A formula that improves upon the standards set forth by the World Health Organization and tastes delicious, so the people who need it want to drink it.

On the Job Site

Dehydration poses a real risk to workers in physically demanding industries like construction, manufacturing, farming, firefighting, emergency response, transportation, and many more. DripDrop relieves dehydration, helping workers avoid job site accidents and lost wages. Managing dehydration on the job helps reduce job site accidents, maintain optimal productivity, and boost immunity (which can help prevent sick time). DripDrop is a simple solution that can have a big impact.

Job site performance decreases when an individual is dehydrated by as little as 2% of body weight. Losses over 5% of body weight can decrease the capacity for work by about 30%.  Drinking water daily is a priority to stay hydrated, but since discovering DripDrop, we have added rehydrating electrolytes, keeping us going and giving us that extra boost to get through the workday.

Key Essentials

DripDrop has 6x the sodium electrolytes and less than 1/2 the sugar vs the leading C&I (Commercial & Industrial) hydration product, Sqwincher, thus providing fast hydration along with the perfect blend of efficacy and taste. We also have some other key essential vitamins and minerals that our closest competitors do not have, such as magnesium and potassium, that help with strengthening cardiovascular health, increase blood flow, help reduce headaches, and countless other benefits all aiding in recovery and stability

DripDrop also offers sugar-free flavors to assist with dietary restrictions or to decrease their sugar intake (although a little sugar is crucial in helping with rehydration) without using any additives or unnatural ingredients or dyes. We enjoy the taste of both the sugared and sugar-free options. The team’s favorite has been the orange!

Who Uses DripDrop

DripDrop has partnered with nearly every NFL, MLB, NBA & NHL team as well as almost every team within the NCAA Power 5 divisions. DripDrop provides over 3 million re-hydration sticks annually to these professional organizations. Additionally, DripDrop partners with elite Military & Government Agencies (nearly every branch) to support their missions. They provide 4.5 million sticks annually.

How to Purchase

DripDrop is available to purchase on Amazon. A box of 32 16oz sticks will cost you about $36.00 and can be purchased here: DripDrop Powder Packets

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