Stanley FatMax PowerClaw

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Stanley FatMax PowerClaw an Alternative to Power Strips

Primary outlets right where you can reach themStanley FatMax PowerClaw

Power is a job-site essential and in the remodeling world your job site changes from day to day. Here at a Concord Carpenter, to keep productivity up and profits higher we often to create a consistent and repeatable work environment.

For our small tool work station we enlisted the use of the Stanley FatMax PowerClaw to service the low amp tools we need for a quick cut, sanding, or planing. This is a great little time saver during tool change and keeps your primary outlets right where you can reach them.

No longer do you have to reach under a set of saw horses with a tool belt pinching your belly as you drag an extension cord your way to plug in an accessory tool to make a 15 second cut. Now with the Stanley FatMax PowerClaw you can set up three easy to reach outlets right at bench level.

We found this Stanley electrical accessory to be a time saver during set up and it helped avoid our crew from stealing power from one another as this one dedicated line serviced this workbench.

Does not work well for high amp tools

This extension cord does not work well for high amp tools, we tried using this during a demolition job and our 15 amp skil saw and recip saw would pop the built in breaker anytime the tool struggled during operation. Too bad because we had a bunch of great ideas to clip the PowerClaw to exposed studs or a ceiling joist.


 Stanley FatMax PowerClaw 2

The Stanley FatMax PowerClaw features

  • 3 foot heavy duty extension cord
  • Impact resistant housing
  • Built in 13 amp resettable circuit breaker
  • 3 grounded outlets
  • Pivoting ruberized grips
  • Spring loaded clamp


This innovation from Stanley seems gimmicky, but it definitely has its uses and we found a great home for it at a Concord Carpenter. I’d recommend this tool for carpenters, siding jobs, and anyone who wants to create a solid power strategy for a more efficient work site. Check out the product video here.

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