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The Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE Expand series brags that with their products you can “DO MORE and CARRY LESS”. The idea is built around magnetic bit holders that allow you to switch out smaller bits that fit snugly into the holder. With these space and weight saving concepts driving our industry its no wonder Milwaukee continues to “expand” this line.


Any magnetic bit system has the inherent flaw that sometimes the magnetic force holding your bit in place, just isn’t strong enough to keep the bit securely in the holder. So instead of moving quickly through your work, you have to stop to reset your bit or pick it up if it falls out from time to time. I think regardless of the manufacturer or the product line this is something that WILL happen, it just comes down to trade offs and what you prefer.


New 6″ and 12″ magnetic bit holder

Considering the time you can save by switching between bits or the weight savings in your belt or bag this is a reasonable trade off. And with Milwaukee adding a new 6″ and 12″ magnetic bit holder to literally Expand your reach and capability this is not a bad system to consider. In addition to these lengths to make your work more accessible, Milwaukee also has a unique system to get to those hard to reach places.


30-degree Knuckle

Part of the Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE Expand series is a 30-degree knuckle already available for purchase here. This is the type of innovation I really appreciate from Milwaukee. Impact Drivers and Drills are getting more and more compact to allow you to access fastners in hard to reach or tight places. But these tools still haven’t caught up to the demands of these less than desirable work spaces. Milwaukee’s 30-degree knuckle allows users to reach their work piece tight up against a wall or remove a fastner seated in a tight joist bay or crowded mechanical room.

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