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JLC LIVE ; A Trade Show to Attend

JLC LIVE Trade ShowJLC (Journal of Light Construction) Live Residential Construction Show is a show that never disappoints.  Making the time to attend the JLC LIVE trade show will benefit you and your whole crew in more ways than you realize.  This show will give you the up to date, best building practices to work safer with increased productivity.  You get the opportunity to meet, one on one, with product manufacturers and see the newest and the coolest tools and equipment.

We attend the show every year to see the latest and greatest the industry has to offer.  As we walk the floor going from booth to booth we like to pick out what is new and exciting to give our subscribers some highlights if they’re unable to attend.  Some products and tools could turn into full reviews.  Be sure to check in to see article content on and for all of your in depth tool and product reviews.

Job Site Organization is Key

Calavera Tool Works is a tool company with design, function, comfort and organization in mind.  We had the chance to chat with them and get hands on experience with their products.  One of my favorites is 5# Gear Bag.  This bag will assist you in organizing, storing or transporting materials and supplies to the next project.  Besides the storage solutions, check out the work aprons by Calavera.  It just might be the last work apron you will every purchase.

The 5# Gear Bag straps come in six different colors to choose from.  The bags are black with a clear plastic area for labeling and there are four different complete packages to choose from depending on how many bags you want.  You can clip the bags together by using the carabineer hanging system that’s included.  There is also a clip on the back of the bag to allow you to clip it to your pants, like a tape measure.

All of sets include a base bracket, multipurpose bar with a locknob, and gear hitch.  The brackets and the multipurpose bar give you the option to mount the bracket to a wall and hang your bags.   The bar is designed to fit into your Festool MFT table so that you can have the bags hang conveniently at your arm’s reach.  For more information go to

Customized Tool Belts

FS Tool Group is the new owner of Diamondback tool belts and Calavera Tool Works.  Diamondback Tool Belts have been around for over 25 years designing custom tool belts with comfort, made in the USA with a 15 year plus service life.  There are 11 pouch designs in either left or right sided. These pouches will suit the need of any one of the trades from frame to finish carpentry to concrete work, just to name a few.  There are plenty of options when it comes to designing your own tool belt configuration.  You have the choice of 4 different colors, hammer holster style, and buckle style in either Cobra Quick-Release or special order Stainless Slide. The belt comes in all sizes from XS to XXXL.  For more information go to

The Right Fit Level

Stabila has come out with 2 high quality telescopic size levels with a continuous marking and cutting edge.  These two levels are the Stabila Type 80T with one sized 25” to 41” (29441) and the other sized 36” to 59” (29459).  The levels have an extension lock that will allow you to adjust to your desired length.  They have 2 vials, one for level and one for plumb. It’s a spirit level with a one coat measuring surface.  Integrated anti-slip stoppers allow for a firm hold when marking. Plastic end caps protect the profile against impacts.

The 80T will take the place of up to three separate levels on your job site due to its telescoping lengths.  Stabila has a 10 year warranty on the Type 80T extendable levels.  For more information go to

Curb less Freedom

Arc Inc has designed a curb less shower foundation called TrueDek.  These pre-pitched foundations provide the structural backbone for today’s shower designs by eliminating stepping up into your shower.  The unlimited design options and new stream line look make this the perfect sell to provide everything from a modern look to handicap shower access.   There are at least 15 styles to choose from and most of them can be cut down to custom fit into your design.

ARC Inc also has a complete line of waterproofing supplies and kit versions that work in conjunction with their TrueDek shower foundation system.  All three versions of the kit come with one gallon of Tank /10 waterproofing compound (approx 60 Sqft of 2 coat coverage), 25’ of joint reinforcement tape and 2 internal corners.  They differ in the quantity of product.  The waterproofing will flow right into your choice of wall and floor membrane products (i.e. Wedi, Cement Board, or Schluter products) just to name a few.  For more information and step by step installation instructions visit them at

Clean Cutting Duals

Starrett has 2 new jig saw blades on the market called Dual Cut.  The new, unique blades have Bi-Metal saw technology that will provide you with 170% greater resistance from tooth breakage.  These blades have a unified shank, giving it a longer life and lower cost per cut than many other welding techniques.  They have saw teeth cutting in both directions and offer a burr free cut on both sides of your material.  The blades come in a 2 pack with your choice of a 3” Dual Cut Jig Saw Blade (BU3DC-2) or a 2” Scroll Cutting Dual Cut Jig Saw Blade (BU2DCS-2).  Starrett Dual Cut Jig Saw Blades will fit most manufacturers’ jig saws.

Besides the clean cutting jig saw blades, we found the reciprocating Bi-Metal blades just as impressive.  We got a chance to see the reciprocating blade in action.  Starrett showed off the blade’s strength by splitting a nail right down the middle. Then they showed the blade’s flexibility by easily bending the blade over onto itself without any signs of breakage.

These are Fast-cut General Purpose Bi-Metal Blades that come in 18 options to cover a wide range of cutting tasks.  Blade styles include straight or tapered shapes in various lengths.  They have special blade geometry for wood, metal and multi-purpose applications.  All recip blades are made with Starrett’s exclusive bi-metal for long lasting, great durability.  For more information please visit

Snap on New LED Night Lights

Snap Power has come out with LED electrical wall plate covers.  These cover plates are easy to install, are sleek in appearance, energy efficient, and give you a convenient night light.  There is no wiring necessary and no batteries to change or charge.  Plus, it will leave your outlets and light switches unobstructed.

These new outlet covers are called “Guide Light.”  The light switch covers are called Switch Light.  The wall plate covers use a patented prong technology that draws power from the sides of your existing light switch or outlet.  There is also a USB outlet cover option with a charger on the bottom of the wall plate for use with your other electronic devices.

There are 4 different color choice options: white, black, light almond, and ivory.  The cover plates are available in either Decor or Duplex styles.  For more information on Guide Light and Switch Light wall plate covers please visit


Trade shows are a great way of catching up with your crew outside of the job site and providing a day or two to recharge and break up the traditional work week.  You get a chance to do some networking, participate in building clinics, and get educated on new products.  Tools and products are available for purchase at discounted show pricing.  And there are various classes that you can take that count toward your continuing education credits that may be required by your state licensure board.

All around I see no excuse not to attend the JLC LIVE show.   This is just a brief article highlighting some key features from two floors of exhibits at the RI Convention Center.

JLC also offers a magazine that you can subscribe to with tool reviews and building articles.  Go to to check out all they have to offer or attend one of the shows to get those hands on experiences.

JLC offers three shows a year; Providence, RI, Navy Pier, Chicago and Portland, Oregon.

Enjoy the show.






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