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KNAACK Job-Site Job Box Solutions

Job boxes provide contractors and crews the organization and security job-sites need to stay productive and keep equipment accessible and safe. By creating a central location for key equipment, that remains on site, the direct and indirect efficiencies of a job-site box are well worth the investment of a high quality box and associated locks. Trust us, we are huge proponents of the job box, the convenience, safety, and organization have been key to keeping our job-site productive and safe. We here at A Concord Carpenter have been using the KNAACK 79-D Piano Chest on a remodel job in a dense residential neighborhood in Boston. Look out for the review soon.


Simplify Logistics

Depending on the size of your crew and the equipment you use, a manageable job box can ensure you front load job-site setup and don’t have to make return drop offs or shuttle tools or instruments to keep your team busy and productive. These boxes are quite heavy, even empty, these boxes can weigh hundreds of pounds so you’ll want to ensure you have the manpower to move the box to a accessible and secure location during initial job-site setup.


But when the box is in place, you’ll save time day to day, avoiding long trips to the truck to load and unload tools, and you’ll have the flexibility to send crew members to the site, since all or most essential equipment remains on site.

Safety and Security

We love the convenience of a job box when remodeling in dense urban settings where truck access is limited or terrain hinders efficient loading and unloading. We don’t have to worry about our team carrying heavy tools up and down stairs daily or awkwardly transporting equipment through tight spaces. This also keeps our crew healthy and rested to focus on the work, NOT setup. Job boxes help ensure the safety of our crew, which ensures, they are physically prepared to tackle tasks each day, keeping the job-site moving.


For new construction projects, the security of the building can be vulnerable to theft or trespassers, a job box, can provide the much needed security for your valuable tools and equipment on a unattended and vacant job-site. At several stages during a new construction project, the “inside” of the building is fairly easy to get access to and in general these sites are uninhabited during the evenings and weekends, which can be an invitation for thieves or unwelcome visitors. The job box can ensure despite who gets access to your site, they won’t be able to leave with much more than some barrels, push brooms, and dust pans.

Job Box Efficiency

“A place for everything and everything in its place” is cliche, but when it comes to efficiency this concept rings true on the job. A job box can make tracking some material easier and more efficient as well, we like to keep a couple screw bags, finish kits, and heavy duty fasteners fully stocked, so by having those items all in one place the foreman or project manager can at a glance see what is low and needs to be reordered, keeping the crew free to focus on getting the job done.


Overall having this central location for tools, fasteners, and equipment has reduced downtime on our job sites, when issuing tasks for the day and providing instructions to our crew, they ask fewer questions about tools and fasteners because they know exactly where they all are. Allowing them to focus and spend more time on the task itself, instead of worrying about how many 3″ exterior screws are left or where to find the track saw.

Invest in a Job Box

When it comes to the bottom line in remodeling and construction, profit is key to keeping your business thriving, your employees paid (well), and keeps you in the business. A job-site box can be a sound investment and can even solve some logistical problems that have kept you out of certain markets or delayed projects. To invest in a Job Box is to invest in the growth of your business, by saving time, you are creating opportunities to take on more work each year, which means the potential for more profit.



If you’re on the fence, consider the simple math of setup each day and how much you pay your crew to load and unload tools. If a well placed job box can save you those man hours, its pretty simple math to determine when the job box pays for itself. And furthermore, if theft or damage to tools is a concern, consider the job box an insurance policy to protect those tools.

Whether you are looking to solve logistical problems, increase efficiency, or protect your tools a job box is an investment that will pay off sooner than you think and last way longer than you could imagine. Don’t forget to check out our review of the KNAACK 79-D Piano Chest Job Box coming soon!

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