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YETI Hopper Two  – Soft-Sided Cooler

Before getting into the YETI Hopper Cooler Two, let me give you a  little backstory. I backed my way into writing for ACC simply by following the website. I got a newsletter that inquired for new “Tool Reviewers”, and I pounced on the opportunity. See, as a full-time, professional contractor, I have obsessed over every tool and product purchase I have made. They are investments in my company, and ones that I demand the highest in quality and performance. Because of this, I thought it would be a good idea to give my best, unbiased opinion to those who obsess and “crunch numbers” over every single purchase.

YETI Hopper Two

I have taken this same philosophy and applied it to every purchase I make (my wife still gets annoyed with this habit). This brings me to the YETI Hopper Cooler Two. As an avid fan of the outdoors, and I assume a big portion of you are as well, the gear I bring with me must hold the same standards as the gear I bring to work. I feel that if there is a weak link, it needs to be me.

NOTE: I reviewed the YETI Hopper Cooler Two 40 which is now not in production. The only size available is the Hopper Two 30 and the Hopper Flip line.

The closed-cell rubber foam insulation will keep your beer favorite beverage cold much longer than traditional soft-sided coolers.


The upgrades to the original YETI Hopper Cooler aren’t necessarily huge, but definitely welcome. The YETI Hopper Two offers more insulation (more on that later), a more streamlined design and more carrying options. While these might not necessarily persuade you to purchase this cooler, it does address the issues with the first iteration.


The YETI Hopper Cooler Two boasts a proprietary ColdCell Insulation that is approximately 1.5” thick. I would say this is kin to what you’d find in a wet-suit and waders. This is thicker by almost double to its’ predecessor. What this means to you is the best damn performing soft-sided cooler on the market. The closed-cell rubber foam insulation will keep your beer favorite beverage cold much longer than traditional soft-sided coolers. During my testing (a frequent dose of abuse at the lake and in the woods), I can assure you this thing keeps drinks colder, and for longer, than any soft-sided cooler I have ever used.

Dry-Hide Shell

The proprietary Dry-Hide shell is tough as nails. As a contractor, and frequent abuser of everything I use, I am amazed at just how tough this is. While I haven’t TRIED to puncture the fabric (Hey, I bought it!), I can tell you it can withstand ALMOST anything you’ll ever put it through. If you puncture this thing, that’s pretty much just on you. While being tough, it is also UV and mold resistant. To be food-safe is just a bonus. You can rest easy knowing that anything you keep in this cooler, is going to be just fine.

Hydro-Lok Zipper

I would say the zipper is the feature I have been most impressed with. I know, I know. How could a “zipper” be that impressive? Well THIS zipper is the most impressive zipper I have ever used. It is water and leak proof, comes with a T-handle, and comes with its’ own lubricant. I mean come on, its’ own lubricant?!? Zippers are almost ALWAYS the weakest link in any product. While the ease of use is unmatched, the durability just isn’t there. The YETI Hopper Cooler Two changes this, in a big way.


Let’s go ahead and address the elephant in the room. While it is pretty well accepted that YETI makes great coolers (and the YETI Hopper Cooler Two is no exception), they are VERY expensive. In addition to the cost, the only thing I can really comment on is the weight. I feel like this is nitpicking, because I am the one who loads it so full. That being said, when fully loaded, this cooler is definitely not going to be going on a backpacking trip. It could definitely, withstand the abuse, I just couldn’t carry it that long.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, the YETI Hopper Cooler Two is the best soft-sided cooler on the market. While this comes at (to some) a prohibitive price point, you do end up “getting what you pay for”. If you are just using a cooler to bring a 6-pack to your buddy’s for Sunday football than the YETI Hopper Two might be a bit much. However, if you are in the market for the toughest, best-performing portable cooler on the market, then you definitely need to check this out.

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