Yeedi Robot Vacuum | 2-Years Later

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YEEDI Robot Vacuum | Longterm Review

Two years ago, we did a product review on the Yeedi robot vacuum. At that time, I was replacing an older iRobot Roomba and opted to try out the lesser expensive Yeedi vacuum. based on the price and lack of knowledge of the Yeedi brand, I had this vacuum lasting may be a year. Man was I wrong, and two years later, this Yeedi is still cleaning my house once a day.

I’m going to discuss what works well, what doesn’t work so well, what I like, what I dislike about this Yeedi robot vacuum. So, first things first, what I like about this robot:

Yeedi Robot Vacuum | Setup

Setup was straightforward and took 5 minutes to do. After installing the app on my iPhone, I followed the on-screen directions to setup a recurring cleaning procedure. I programmed it auto clean every morning at 5am. and it has been doing that every day for 2 years.

During the very 1st cleaning the YEEDI goes through the house and maps it. In addition to scheduling your cleaning, the Ap allows you to specify which areas of your house to clean. You can specify the areas you want to be covered or mark areas to avoid.

Learning the Terrain

It took me about a month to learn out all the places the YEEDI got hung up and stuck on. I have 2 coffee tables with metal tube bases that the Yeedi would ride up and over and get stuck on, teetering line a seesaw.  I also have a rug that I did not want the vacuum on. To avoid this area, I went into the ap and blocked the areas off, by creating a bubble or square around the cordoned off areas.  Now the Yeedi cleans around and avoids those areas and threats the boundary line kind of like an invisible wall. The result is it does not get stuck anymore and completes the cleaning uninterrupted.

Overall, this purchase has resulted in a 2-year daily, efficient, and effective auto-scheduled vacuum cleaning. My house is way cleaner then compared to when I vacuumed only once per week.

Maintenance On the Yeedi

About maintenance, the Ap also alerts you when the filter, brush or roller is worn, and needs replacing, it’s based off hours of runtime. When this occurs, the Ap brings you right to an online shopping cart, I chose to use amazon to purchase my filters and components in bulk.

While we’re on the topic of accessory replacement, I found that I can extend the life of my filter by vacuuming it and blowing it off with compressed air every other week.

Yeedi Vacuum | Runtime

The built-in battery provides 110 minutes of non-stop cleaning on a single charge, my house takes approximately 90 minutes to clean. When the battery gets low the YEEDI automatically returns to the charging dock for recharge and resumes cleaning once charged, right where it left off.  So far, the battery charge continues to complete cleaning my house on one charge. Charging time for the Yeedi is 4 Hours.


Avoiding Obstacles

The Yeedi used a 3D obstacle avoidance technology, you can see the vacuum slow down as it approached objects. It also recognizes stair drop offs and completely avoids them. When cleaning the vacuum operates in what I ‘d describe as a “corn row pattern” of cleaning.

Over the last 2 years, I’ve found the Yeedi vac to be effective at cleaning, especially in a house with a shedding dog. Every day I remove a fistful of dog hair, dust, fibers, and debris from the vac canister.  Emptying the YEEDI is not a favorite chore and once that must be remembered to have the Yeedi be effective the next day.  The emptying process is quick, and only requires you to remove a canister, press a button and flip open a lid cover.  The dust bin has a 450 ml capacity and could benefit from a larger design.

Other Features | Dislikes

The Yeedi vacuum also has a mop feature with an attachment and onboard reservoir. I found that the mopping feature left streaks on my hardwood floors and opted to not use it after a few weeks.

Another issue I have with the vacuum is the noise. While it’s not super loud if does create a steady noise that I wish were quieter. The vac gets even louder when the Ultrasonic Carpet Sensor kicks in when the carpet is detected and instantly increases the suction force to capture dirt within the carpet fibers.

The last item that I’m not super excited about is that I must remember to empty the Yeedi dust canister daily, as it fills completely in one cleaning.  I’d prefer a larger canister, or better yet, a vacuum that offers an auto emptying function with a 30-day capacity. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Yeedi Robot Vacuum | Price

This vacuum was recently selling for $299.00 and I saw if most recently on sale at Amazon for $150 here: Yeedi Robotic Vacuum

Final thoughts On The Yeedi Vacuum

To conclude, I’m super happy with the performance of the Yeedi vacuum, it outlasted my expectation and is still cleaning strong. It was then, and is still now, a worthwhile purchase. This Yeedi vac has saved me a lot of time and is very effective at cleaning dog hair. It’s a win in my family!

Yeedi Robot Vacuum Video Review | 2 Year Look Back



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