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YEEDI Robot Vaccum

Who needs two more hours in the day and perhaps one more day in the week? We could all use some extra time. When we don’t have enough time, we tend to forget or neglect less important tasks. In my case, I know it comes down to cleanliness. There isn’t always enough time to vacuum or clean the windows, for example. Work, families, school, and after-school activities take up a lot of our time. Why not have a robot clean your house while you’re doing all of the above? This is exactly what the YEEDI Robot Vacuum does. It works while we work and may be able to eliminate the extra time you so desire.

YEEDI is based in Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley. YEEDI is a brand of robot vacuum cleaners that was founded in 2019. Their robotic vacuums with modern design and practical features work seamlessly in different homes to save you from exhausting floor cleaning chores. Developed by a group of robotic and housekeeping experts who are passionate about life and keen on innovations.


Setting up your YEEDI

The YEEDI’s first setup was rather straightforward. After installing the app on my iPhone, I followed the on-screen directions. You can begin the setup procedure once you’ve connected to your wifi. We were set up in less than 5 minutes, and my dreaded duty has miraculously transformed into one of my favorites.


Once cleaning commenced the YEEDI will go through your house one full time and return to the docking charging station. The path it traveled throughout is then displayed on a map in your app. You can now specify the areas you want to be covered or avoided. Don’t like the map it created? You can start the process over as many times as you desire. In our case, there were laundry baskets on the floor in several rooms which were mapped on the diagram.

YEEDI Features

Tap the Map to Clean
Gain a customized cleaning experience via YEEDI’s editable home map. Simply tap the targeted room or draw up a specific area on the map to clean or avoid.

Smart Mapping and Navigation
Maps and defines specific areas and paths for optimal cleaning trajectory.

110-Minute Runtime
The built-in battery fuels up to 110 minutes of non-stop cleaning on a single charge. Battery low? YEEDI automatically returns to the charging dock for recharge and resumes cleaning right where it left off.

Complete App Control
Schedule your cleaning and choose a specific area to clean.

Upgradable Cleaning
YEEDI vac robotic vacuum works with yeedi mopping modular and self-empty station (sold separately). Mix and match to add mopping or self-emptying features to your smart cleaner whenever you feel like it.

YEEDI Manufacturer Specifications

  • Model Yeedi vac / yeedi k750
  • Navigation Visual SLAM
  • Suction Power 600/1500/3000Pa
  • Dustbin Capacity 450 ml
  • Dimensions:   350 x 350 x 77 mm
  • Battery Capacity:   2600 mAh
  • Working Time:   110 mins
  • Charging Time:   4 Hours
  • Carpet Detection:   Yes
  • Auto-Boost Suction:   Yes
  • Obstacle Crossing Ability:   9 mm
  • Control Yeedi APP / Alexa / Google Assistant

Sleek Design With Good Looks

It’s a lot more difficult than it appears to get the best robotic vacuum cleaner for your money. The most recent models come with a variety of features that, if we’re being honest, may not be that different from the competition. YEEDI Robotic Vaccum is basic but has a modern design, believing that aesthetic and functionality can find common ground. Your trusted and reliable floor cleaning robot can now also be a beautiful work of art that improves the overall look of your home.

3000Pa of SUCK Power

Pa, or Pascal, is the unit of measurement used to gauge atmospheric pressure, or, in other words, how much the robot sucks. The higher the Pa rating, the more powerful the suction. Suction power, like any vacuum, is critical to the robot’s cleaning performance. A robot with a higher Pa rating will be able to clean a variety of surfaces and pick up larger pieces of dirt, but a robot with a lower Pa rating may choke if it runs over fallen cereal or dry pet food. However, the overall performance of a robotic vacuum cleaner is determined by several other parameters, including but not limited to the side brushes, beater brush or brush roll, and inlet design. The Pa rating, on the other hand, is a fairly accurate representation of what the robot can and cannot achieve.

The YEEDI Robotic Vacuum has a suction pressure of 3000Pa, which is among the highest on the market today. The suction power of 3000Pa “sweeps up dirt like a hurricane.” The YEEDI had no issues collecting all the loose dog hair from my 100lb Fox Red English Lab Henry Ford!


Emptying the YEEDI is a quick process. Once you flip open the front cover, simply pull out the dust pin. Once out there is a red release lever on the side. You can take the filter out and run it through water if desired.

Carpet Detection

An Ultrasonic Carpet Sensor is included with the YEEDI vacuum. The Ultrasonic Carpet Sensor kicks in when the carpet is detected and it’s incredibly quiet! To remove dirt and debris from the carpet, you’ll need greater power. The carpet identification sensor in YEEDI detects the carpet and instantly increases the suction force to capture dirt concealed deep within.

Overall Impression

Yeedi Robotic Vacuums are here to bring ease and pleasure into your cleaning routine by using superior robotic vacuum technology. In a world where overpriced vacuums exist, this vacuum allows you to put it to use while you are not home! Hands-free cleaning? Sign us up all day long! We always say time is money though, this time money is time. To save time this vacuum will run you about $299.00 on Amazon here: Yeedi Robotic Vacuum

Use the discount code: VACUUMYTB for additional savings!

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