Bayco NSP-1174 Safety Light Flashlight

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Bayco NSP-1174 Safety Light FlashlightBayco NSP-1174 Safety Light Flashlight Review

As a Massachusetts resident, I have had to endure numerous blizzards this epic winter. The winter of 2015 has dumped more than 8 feet of snow upon the weary residents of my town. Prior to the arrival of each blizzard, I prepared many things in my car and my home emergency storm kits. The Bayco NSP-1174 Safety Light Flashlight was ready to go for each storm. With this lovely luminous device, I have a new multipurpose flashlight for my house and for my car.

Lots Of Lumens!!

Bayco takes their Nightstick lineup of lighting products very seriously as indicated by their online slogan: “life depends on light”. With three different modes, the Bayco NSP-1174 presented itself as a very diverse and dependable unit powered by four AA batteries. At the end of the unit, there is a 150-lumen flashlight utilizing a CREE LED 50,000 hour bulb. On the side of the unit, there are 30 white LEDs that produce a 60-lumen constant white floodlight. Beside these white LEDs are another 30 LEDs that produce a 60-lumen amber flashing safety light. Both sets of 30 LEDs have a 35,000-hour lifespan.

Bayco NSP-1174 Safety Light Flashlight

Lighting The Way

The Bayco NSP-1174 Safety Light Flashlight is engaged using a rubberized push button mounted on the body of the unit. Slightly depressing the button allows you to use the light momentarily, while fully engaging the button produces a constant-on flashlight. There is only one light setting for the flashlight, and thus no “low” energy-saving mode. As advertised, the 150 lumen have a long throw of nearly 295 feet. In my tests, I could easily illuminate an object 90-100 feet away. The tight beam is brightest in the center with a halo effect on the outside edges. The 4 AA batteries are advertised to last 10 hours in flashlight mode, and after almost 9 hours of use around the house, I can easily see that occurring.

Bayco NSP-1174 Safety Light FlashlightThe 30 white LEDs on the floodlight were excellent in dispersing a 60-lumen wide beam of unfocused light. The batteries can last 8 hours in floodlight mode. The amber flashing safety light also produces 60 lumen of light and the batteries have a 24-hour lifespan in this mode. The push button below the flashlight button is depressed one time to engage the floodlight at full power. When the button is pushed a second time, the floodlight is turned off and the flashing amber safety light is engaged at full power. When the button is pressed a third time, the unit is turned off.  It is especially important to note that the flashlight and either the floodlight or the flashing safety light can be engaged at the same time—this is a very convenient feature when two modes of lighting are needed.

Bayco NSP-1174 Safety Light Flashlight

Design Features

The black body of the Bayco NSP-1174 Safety Light Flashlight is an engineered polymer. The polymer’s smooth, rubber-like feel allowed me to maintain a firm grip on the unit, even with winter gloves on. I especially liked the textured composition on the front side of the light since it promoted a non-slip grip. The Bayco NSP-1174 is 10.9 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and 1.1 inches deep. Weighing only 8.2 ounces, it is lightweight and easy to hold and carry. The unit is water resistant, as well as impact and chemical resistant. Included in the package is a very handy rubber lanyard ring that fit snugly around the unit, as well as a powerful magnetic clip that was easily removable. Throughout my tests, I was very impressed by the flashlight’s durability and utility.

Bayco NSP-1174 Safety Light Flashlight

Bayco Is At The Ready

In terms of its practicality, the Bayco NSP-1174 Safety Light Flashlight has many uses. As any local resident would tell you, you need to be ready for whatever an unpredictable New England winter might bring to your doorstop. The Bayco NSP-1174 is the perfect companion when snow, ice, and strong winds arrive. The removable magnetic clip enables you to attach it to the electrical panel box or the refrigerator so it would be at-the-ready for any power outage. With at least 8 hours of battery life, the floodlight could illuminate an entire room when the power was lost. The flashlight is bright enough to use during power outages, as well as when walking the dog or performing DIY house projects in dark spaces. When hanging the Bayco NSP-1174 from a lanyard, the flashing amber LEDs would alert cars to your presence when walking at night. Especially helpful is the ability to use the 150-lumen flashlight to light the path in front of you, while the 60-lumen floodlight could eliminate the shadows at your feet while walking at night.

I appreciated the fact that 4 AA batteries powered the Bayco NSP-1174 Safety Light Flashlight since they are so easy to replace and carry with you. While I can understand the “green” benefits of rechargeable flashlights, most flashlights can’t be recharged when you have no electrical power or sunlight available to you. Many rechargeable batteries also have a limited number of charges before they need to be replaced themselves. A handy 4-pack of AA batteries costs little and provides me with the reassurance that the Bayco NSP-1174 is ready whenever I need it.

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