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If your 40 years old or older you grew up in the times of lead paint, asbestos, no seat belts, no bike helmets and the Three-Stooges for TV entertainment. Back then people stored handguns in night stands and didn’t think a second more about it.

VAULTEK Biometric Safe VVT20i Review

As far as securing of firearms went, we were told “Not to Touch,” and hopefully obeyed that. Well, today’s a different story and in many states storing an unsecured firearm is a crime and a disqualifying violation of your firearms license.

Safe Firearm Storage / Fast Access

Safe storage may not be legal storage, to me, safe storage needs to be both. That means complying with the legal requirements for storage, unauthorized persons, while still allowing me fast access to my firearm.

What Type of Storage?

Deciding which secure storage method is best for you clearly depends on several factors:

• What guns you own
• Speed of access
• Size
• Storage capacity
• Level of theft and damage protection

Vaultek Biometric Safe VVT20i

The Vaultek Biometric Safe VVT20i allows you to access the safe by different methods. It comes with 2 back up keys, a high resolution fingerprint scanner, and a numeric keypad. Additionally a Vaultek phone app, for Android and iOS devices, allows you to control access and features on your safe.

Penetration Resistant

The Vaultek Biometric Safe VVT20i is a smaller penetration resistant safe, with multiple ways for you to quickly access it. It’s ideal for storing valuables such as:

• A Handgun
• Jewelry
• Cash
• Personal items

Durable Design

The Vaultek Biometric Safe VVT20i is a quick access, portable or permanent valuable safe. It was designed with a one piece 165-guage steel design without welds, for superior strength and rigidity. The safe is powder coated for corrosion resistance.

Two point anti-impact latches protect from tampering and forceful impact. Anti-pry reinforcements were designed into the seams of the safe line the seams to prevent tools from attempting to break the safe open. The hinges were mounted on the interior to prevent breaching from the outside.

Vaultek Biometric Security

The Vaultek Safe offers a high resolution fingerprint scanner, with the capacity to store up 20 different user IDs. The scanning method uses a point method to measure the distance between specific features of your print. Your fingerprint is not actually stored on the safe, nor can your actual fingerprint be recreated with the data. This results in safeguarding your identity while providing quick and accurate access.

Scanner Features

• Quick High-Resolution Sensor
• Stores 20 Unique Fingerprints

VAULTEK Biometric Safe VVT20i – Smart App

The custom Vaultek app, available for Android and iOS devices, brings in a new level of interaction between you and the safe. You can perform multiple tasks including managing user accounts, tracking usage history, checking battery status, and even opening the safe with one simple swipe.
Data transmissions are secure via AES256 bit encryption. The sophisticated algorithm ensures Bluetooth communication between your smartphone and the safe remains protected.

Vaultek Ap Features

• Highest Level Bluetooth Encryption
• Remotely Unlock Safe
• Track Safe Usage
• Toggle the Sound On/Off

Backlit Numeric Keypad

One nice feature on the VAULTEK VT20i Gun Vault is the keypad. The keypad powered by a 18650 rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that fully charges in 2.5 Hours and has a cycle life of 4-6 Months.
The keypad features a 32-bit microprocessor that allows you to access the safe with the app or the keypad quickly and accurately.

The keypad illuminates in low light environments via proximity sensor that detects your approaching hand. It will also active a two-minute, “security sleep mode,” and an audible alarm, if six consecutive incorrect keypad entries are made.


VAULTEK VT20i Gun Vault Features

  • Proximity Sensor Illuminates Keypad in Low Light Situations
  • 40,000+ Keypad Combinations
  • Quick access
  • Controls low power mode
  • Controls travel mode
  • Controls stealth mode
  • Controls tamper detection
  • Battery charges via micro-USB cable
  • Low battery indicator

Mounting Options

The Vaultek Biometric Safe VVT20i comes with a high strength steel cable or can be secured to larger objects or permanently mounted to permanent, flat fixture via two pre-drilled mounting holes. The cable tether is ideal for traveling and for securing inside of vehicles.

I tested it first  by temporarily securing it to my night stand frame and then later to my truck seat frame.

Using the Vaultek Biometric Safe VVT20i

I like and use the Vaultek safe for my vehicle. The cable allows me to secure the safe to my passenger seat frame and the thin profile of the safe allows it to slide and store nicely under the seat, hidden from view. I attached the micro-USB plugged in to my rear seat compartment USB and leave it plugged into the vehicle.

This safe is easy to access. I found the finger print was the fastest way to open the safe, followed by the passcode and lastly the key. I really liked having multiple option to access the safe, and I found myself using the finger print access the most. Once activated, this safe opens quietly and super fast.

I did not end up using the Ap much, as I was the only authorized person accessing and using it. I do see real world applications where monitoring this Ap would be useful to security and safety.


The Vaultek Biometric Safe VVT20i cost $ 249.00 and comes in three colors.

3 Colors:

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Camo

Vaultek Biometric Safe VVT20i Specifications

  • Exterior Product Dimensions 11.5″ wide x 9.0″ deep x 2.75″ tall
  • Interior Product Dimensions 11.0″ wide x 5.75″ deep x 2.0″ tall
  • Construction Progressive Formed 16-Gauge Steel
  • Weight 7.2 LB
  • Biometric Storage Capacity 20 Unique Fingerprints\
  • Biometric Imaging Speed 40 FPS
  • Biometric Sensor Area 9.0mm x 9.0mm
  • Biometric Senor Pixels 176 x 176 Pixels @508 dpi
  • Backlit Keypad 5 Button
  • Pin Code Length 4-8 Digits
  • Battery Type 18650 Rechargeable Lithium-ion, 3.7v 2200 mAh
  • Rating Voltage 3.3VDC~4.2VDC
  • Peak Power 4.5W@3.7V
  • Charging Voltage 4.3V~5.25V
  • Charging Current 1.2A
  • Adapted Output 4.75V~5.25V/2.0A
  • Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 100°C
  • Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 70°C
  • Bluetooth 4.2 with BLE PHY

Overall Impression

The VAULTEK VT20i Gun Vault comes as a small package but packs a BIG punch in terms of security and value. You will be able to securely store a firearms and other valuables legally, safely and still be able to quickly access and deploy or handgun, if needed.  Having a Vaultek safe truly is a safe bet.


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