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By Robert Robillard on Home And Personal Safety

Safe, Secure and One Handed Pistol Access

The SentrySafe Quick Access Pistol safe was created after the folks at SentrySafe polled handgun enthusiasts and end-users to determine what folks wanted and needed in a pistol safe.

SentrySafe then went and designed their SentrySafe Quick Access Pistol Safe with features such as a zero noise feedback, electronic lock and compression gas strut allowing you to quickly defend your home when seconds count and to do it quietly!

The folks at SentrySafe recently sent me their SentrySafe Quick Access Pistol Safe to review and evaluate.

I was looking forward to this review because so many people place a high importance on having a firearm for personal safety and yet do not secure that firearm properly for fear that they may not be able to access it in an emergency.

Somehow folks do not get the incredible importance of balancing that safety from strangers and safety of their family from having an unsecured firearm.  The solution to balancing both concerns is to utilize a quick access pistol safe.

As an adult and parent taking steps to properly secure a firearm is not only the responsible and safe thing to do but it’s also the law.  Read my article on Gun Safety and Kids.

First Impression:

The Quick Access safe is a 3.2in x 12in x 9.9in, black steel safe.  It felt sturdy and well made in my hands.   The inside of the safe is lined with closed-cell foam to protect your firearm from damage.

One important feature I immediately noticed was the presence of two pre-drilled holes at the bottom of the safe.   These holes allow the safe to be bolted or lagged down to a secure surface to prevent the safe from being carried away.

The lid to the safe is pry-resistant and controlled with four AA batteries and is opened with a combination of four finger push buttons.  Back up keys are also supplied.  I immediately liked the idea of the battery powered safe as this unit can be accessed when the power is out.

Using the SentrySafe Quick Access Pistol Safe: 

The Quick Access Pistol Safe fallows you to program four, five or six digit random access codes.     This electronic safe opens smooth, quiet and quick. I was immediately impressed that this safe could be opened quickly, one handed and that the access buttons were silent.  Well done!

When the safe combination buttons are pressed a blue colored back light illuminated the buttons.  The light is bright enough to see the buttons but not too bright to illuminate the room or telegraph your position.

The lid on the SentrySafe Quick Access Pistol Safe opens with super a quiet gas strut system that opens quietly and stays open until you close it.

The safe easily stored my Glock and a magazine with plenty of room to spare for additional mags, a wallet, badge or box of ammo.


  • Meets California Department of Justice standards for firearm safety
  • Quick-entry back-lit electronic lock, zero feedback
  • A compression gas strut opens the door silently and holds it open for single-handed access even in confined spaces
  • At-the-ready pistol presentation for convenient access to firearm
  • Pry-resistant solid steel construction to help protect against unauthorized access to firearms
  • Override key for convenient back up access
  • Exterior Dimensions:  3.2in x 12in x 9.9in  / 8.1cm x 30.7cm x 25.1cm
  • Interior dimensions: 2.2in x 9.7in x 6.6in / 5.6cm x 24.6cm x 17cm

Overall Impression:

This safe retails for approximately $110.    At that price it’s hard to be critical of this safe. If I had to critique this safe I would prefer that the back lighting be red to for better night vision, and that the buttons were shaped more like a shallow arrow to better mimic the different positions of the human hand.   Currently the buttons are in a straight line and a bit awkward.  The index, middle, ring and pinky fingers are all at different positions and I’ve seen and own other safes that have this configuration and it feels natural to use.  Other than that this safe rocks!

The SentrySafe Quick Access Pistol Safe gives you security as well as super quick access to your firearm.   With security and reliability as prevailing priorities this safe will keep your firearm safe and secure from unauthorized access.

The Quick Access Pistol Safe is available in sporting goods stores around the U.S. and retails for $110 MSRP. Visit for specific retail locations.









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