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Mobile Tool Storage and Customization

In the residential remodeling and construction world job sites are busy, hectic arenas, with tools and equipment everywhere. Oftentimes contractors simply overlook the “tools that protect the tools.”  They are just too darn busy to consider properly organizing and securing their valuable tools and equipment.  But they should!

Why Tool Storage and Organization Is Important

Tool storage systems are as important as the tools that are used to get the job done. The average contractor’s tools are valued at thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.  That’s an investment worth protecting.

If you haven’t taken the time to analyze your work efforts during their course of a day you should.

Are you Organized?

□       How many times did you go back to the truck or trailer for a tool?

□       Was the accessory with your tool?

□       Did you search through your truck for a bit, blade or accessory?

□       How do you store parts and fasteners?

□       Do you have storage management of smaller accessories?

□       Do you store task-specific parts, tool, or accessories together?

□       Do you have a system to get multiple tools and accessories into a job in one trip?

□       Where are your “time sinks” when it comes to tool storage, set up, and clean up?

festool systainer

Tool Storage Systems As An Investment

See where I’m going?  Contractors need to think about tool storage and organization as an investment.

Smartly, well-designed tool storage systems simplify the protection, storage, and transportation of tools and accessories,  resulting in you spending more time working, and less time searching.

Creating a tailored, customization type, tool storage, and transport system will save time and work in the long run.  Time saved is money earned or … more time!

Research On Tool Storage Systems

Research has shown that the key to becoming better organized on the job site is through the use of modular organizers.   Modular organizers are designed to allow for better and more secure storage, better organization, and easier mobility.

We’ve also learned through research that organization is key to being productive at work.  Contractors use only 33% of their time on the job site working. The rest of that time is spent on tasks such as material runs, unplanned demands, and interruptions, searching for tools, searching for parts, and running errands.

We can’t control all of the unplanned “time sucks” but we can choose a system to organize our tools and accessories to save time searching for and digging around for stuff.

If you are still reading this then I’m guessing that you agree with me that it only makes sense to organize your tools and accessories in such a way as to minimize the time it takes to store, locate, access as well as transport them to and from the job site. Time is money, right?

Secure Construction

Today’s tool storage systems have several things in common.   They are durable, lightweight, stack-able, uniform footprint designed to protect your tools.  They also have mobile carts for transporting these units in fewer trips.

Common Individual Tool Storage Systems:

□       Festool Systainers and  Systainer-Ports systems

□       Bosch L-Boxx, Click and Go System

□       Dewalts Tstak system and ToughSystem

Tool Storage System Design

The overall quality of the unit depends on the extra steps the manufacturer takes when constructing the unit.   Things like customization options, locking lids, strong handles, and hinges are important here.

Manufacturers that take pains to design in features like label inserts, uniform footprint boxes, impact, and weather-resistant qualities, stack-able, interlocking abilities obviously have the advantage here.

Most of the uniform, easily stacking tool storage systems available to contractors are constructed of impact-resistant plastic. Stacking features allow the containers to click, lock, and work together to make storage and transportation of your tools safe, secure, easy, and efficient.


Access and Organization

Every contractor has unique needs when it comes to job-site storage. Before purchasing job-site storage, contractors should evaluate the quantity and kinds of tools they need to store and how often they need to access them. Although it comes down to individual preference, contractors should think about portability.

Consider accessory and part storage.  These are items that get tossed in the truck or trailer or fall behind the seat.   They are also the items that we tend to search for.  Everyone can see the bright red drill but finding the thin, slam drill bit is another story!

Do you work on one job site for several months at a time or are you more of a mobile contractor where you frequent several project locations?

Portability is an important aspect of choosing a tool storage system.  Considerations should be given to the systems transport systems.  Look at the wheel and see if they are conducive to the terrain that you traverse.  Caster wheels are designed to carry substantial weight and travel on hard, compact surfaces (i. e., hard dirt, concrete or finish flooring).

Rubber wheels with integrated stair climbing strips are better suited for stairs and softer surfaces (i.e., mud, lawns, and work surfaces associated with newer construction sites)  this is the transport system I find myself using the most.

Whatever you choose ensure that your transport system has the flexibility of suiting your needs or addressing both terrains.  Many manufacturers offer two-wheel dollies for tough terrain and four-wheel carts for harder finished surfaces.

Tool Storage Systems

Tool Storage And Mobility Key Features

If your serious about purchasing one of the tool storage systems remember, it’s an investment that will last you years and will make a statement to your clients.

That statement is, “I care about my tools as much as the work I do.  Your in good hands if I’m rolling in my uniform tool storage system.”

Look for a system that has these features:

□       One-handed access

□       Mobility

□       Features customization inserts with labeling

□       Storing, stacking, combining, and transporting

□       Stack-able

□       Impact and weather-resistant

□       Inter-locking latch system.

□       Transport with the optional wheeled

□       Uniform footprint.

□       Multiple sizes and types for different applications.

□       Protect, store, organize,

□       casters and integrated stair climbing strips

□       Adjustable strap keeps your stack in place even on rough terrain.

Tool Storage Systems

Consider Your Work Shop

Tool storage and organization don’t stop at the job site, it naturally carries into the workshop and many times we are bringing our tools into the shop to do work.  A clean and well-organized shop is the hallmark of professionalism, especially if you have clients visit.

Just like a job site visit you want to be able to bring the correct tools and accessories in the least about of trips.  Well … at least I do!

Utilizing a mobile tool storage system in the shop will help you become more efficient in the shop as well.  Mobile tool storage allows you to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

Having a system that is organized and labeled just plain makes sense to our world of demo and debris!

Professional Appearance

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Looking uniform and organized puts people at ease and commands a presence.  It tells people you are in control and can handle the task at hand.

My tool storage system allows me to convey a message to my clients.   It falls under look professional in my “five rules to good business:”

□        Always be honest

□        Over-deliver

□        Think customer service

□        Always strive to improve

□        Look professional



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