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RIDGID Pro Pack Wet/Dry Vacuum Review

RIDGID Pro Pack Wet/Dry Vacuum Review

A clean and tidy job site goes a long way to show customers that you are a professional. Beyond that, a clean job site is a more efficient and safer site as well. A clean, safe, and efficient job site is a goal every contractor should strive for and a good vacuum setup is a key component to achieving that goal. Traditionally barrel style shop vacs filled this role but they can be awkward to take in and out of a site without whacking and scratching up the walls. The trend now is moving towards ultra-portable units that can be moved easily to the work area. The RIDGID Pro Pack fits right into that category.

 RIDGID Pro Pack Features


Drum Size 4.5 Gal
Peak HP 5.0
Air Watts 162
Voltage 120
CFM 107
Amps 9.0
Cord Length 20′
U.L. Listed Yes
Replacement Filters VF3500
Accessory Size 1 7/8″

Why this Vac?

Like I mentioned above, a clean job site goes a long way to promoting the professionalism of the company and a professional image is huge when it comes to getting new work. When you do a great job for one customer, the next time all of their friends and family come over they can’t help but recommend your company. The only “but” here though is that your employees are the boots on the ground for helping to promote this image and if the current vac setup is a pain to use then they won’t want to tidy up every day.

That’s the primary reason I picked up this vac, it isn’t a chore to use. Everything is easily stowed on the unit and it’s easy to carry. It also has 5 horsepower so it will suck up anything that will fit in the hose. The combination of size, form factor, capabilities, and RIDGID’s solid reputation in the vacuum segment is why the RIDGID Pro Pack is a great unit.

In Use

In use the RIDGID Pro Pack performs just as you would expect, it vacuums up all sorts of construction debris. I use it most often for chip clean up at the mini lathe, saw dust and dirt clean up in the shop and job site, and drywall dust from minor remodeling jobs. Chips, saw dust, and dirt are no brainers for vacuums but drywall dust is what really impressed me. Maybe I’ve used too many vacuums with crappy filters in the past but being able to suck up drywall dust at the point of sanding is HUGE. I can’t tell you how much it sucks to have to dust a customers house because the vacuum you were using ended up just blowing most of the dust around. The chart at the right shows the materials the filter is well suited for.


There are only two things with the RIDGID Pro Pack that could be improved. The first is HEPA filtering capabilities so that the vac would meet the EPA RRP rules. This is such a great vacuum for remodeling that it’s a shame that it doesn’t meet the requirements. The second item is pretty minor but if this vacuum could attach to the RIDGID Pro Toolbox System then it would be even more portable. The toolbox system was new in 2014 and this vac has been out for a number of years so perhaps it can be incorporated in the next version.

Final Thoughts

The RIDGID Pro Pack wet/dry vac is a great addition to the pro or diy-er’s arsenal. It is a very capable vacuum with storage and features that make it ultra portable and easy to store. At $90 the price isn’t too bad either. With a 3-layer fine particle filter it will catch up to 99% of particles 1 micron and larger. That’s good enough for construction debris. If this vac was HEPA certified it would be a no brainer.

Ridgid Pro Pack-13
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