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Warmly Yours TempZone cable using Prodeso membrane


Prodeso Membrane


Warmly Yours is radiant floor heating made easy with their new Prodeso Cable Installation Membrane.  This new membrane, is energy efficient and will minimize installation time.  Time is saved with by fitting the heating cable in the square shaped membrane reliefs.

Prodeso in floor

Uncoupling and Crack Isolation Membrane

The Warmly Yours Prodeso Membrane allows you to install Heat were you need it.  Prodeso will protect tile and stone installation because of its isolation qualities.  It allow loads to be distributed evenly over many different substrates. Not only will this save you time its a cost saver.

This polymeric membrane will provide uncoupling & crack Isolation barrier.  The total thickness of this membrane is 7/32 inches.  It will span 3/64 of an inch for crack/bridging ability.

The Prodeso Membrane has a low profile design, which benefits remodeling projects where trying to keep your floors at the same height is often a goal. For new construction, having a minimal height on a isolation membrane will assist in tiring your tile floor into the hardwood floor.  Warmly Yours offers a 10 year warranty on their Prodeso Cable Installation Membrane.

The Warmly Yours Prodeso Membrane is made out of polypropylene, its unique design of the square shaped reliefs was designed for quick and easy installation. The flexibility of this system, allows you to install, in any room size, with no waiting.  No waiting to me means not having to stop to wait for items to dry or different sub-contractors to arrive.  Simply  glue the membrane down, install the heating cable and then start setting tile.

Prodeso Membrane Two Sizes:

The Warmly Yours Prodeso Membrane comes in rolls, and in 2 sizes.

  1. 53.8 Sqft roll  [3.3ft x 16.4 ft] with a MSRP price of $159.
  2. 161.5 Sqft roll [3.3 x 49.2 ft.]  with a MSRP of $ 399.00.Prodeso kit



Warmly Yours offers a complete line of electric heating solutions from floor heating, snow melting, roof & gutter deicing, towel warmers, radiant panels, mirror defoggers, counter-top heating and thermostats.  You can view and get information on the Prodeso Membrane or any of the other products offered  at www.warmlyYours.com.


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