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HUSQVARNA 130BT Back Pack Blower

HUSQVARNA 130BT Back Pack Blower

HUSQVARNA 130BT Back Pack Blower Review

When you hear someone say, “that blows,” on the job site it’s usually not a good thing.  I should qualify that by saying that it is usually is not a good thing unless your talking about the  HUSQVARNA 130BT Back Pack Blower.  The 130BT is a lightweight back pack blower designed for serious consumer grade use.  We first saw the 130BT design on a press release and was immediately impressed with it’s reported low weight which we felt would subsequently reduce prolonged user fatigue.

The Husqvarna 130BT is a 29.5cc 2 Stroke 145 MPH Gas Powered Back Pack Blower With Tube Mounted Throttle.  We took it to the job-site to see how it fared.

Video Review:

HUSQVARNA 130BT  Features:


Why Do We We Leaf Blowers?

Since their introduction in the 1970’s, leaf blowers have rapidly become an essential time and labor-saving cleanup tool for landscape maintenance professionals and homeowners.

Using a leaf blower to clean up leaves, grass clippings, and debris saves time and sweeping or raking effort.   Leaf blowers also perform tasks like cleaning areas covered by mulch or bark faster and more effectively than hand tools. When used properly, there is little disturbance to the surface.

Uses For The Husqvarna 130BT:

At Concord Carpenter we use leaf blowers to clean off roofs and work areas from leaves and debris, remove small amounts of snow and mostly to blow away sawdust and clean off wood and PVC dust from saws.

Some other uses for leaf blowers are:

Note – Wear hearing and eye protection when using a leaf blower.  In dusty conditions, wear a respirator or dust mask as appropriate.

Using The HUSQVARNA 130BT:

At 14.77 pounds we found the 130BT lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time.  If you suffer from back or neck pain this blower is a godsend.  Its lighter than most hand held models and perfectly balanced and centered on the users back.

Starting the 130BT is simple and the machine started on the first or second pull each and every time.  The 130BT  moves large amount of leaves, wet or dry. It even blows all of my pine cones and acorns along.  The velocity coming from the 130BT tube is strong enough to easily move material 10-15 feet away.   We felt that it has plenty of power to accomplish all of a residential homeowners needs as well as a contractor on a construction site.

I used it to clean off sawdust from driveway as well as clean off my tools.  It saves me a ton of time at the end of every day from having to sweep up.   It also keep the saws motor from filling up with dust by blowing out all of the sawdust from these areas.

The machine is rated for  94 dB(A) at ear height but it honestly seemed quieter than that, maybe becasue I was wearing a knit hat.

The 130BT pack, flexible tube and controls are all intuitive, easy to use and the ergonomics are great.  We can’t talk enough about how lightweight this unit is and how comfortable the unit is while wearing!   I found the flexible tube and throttle ease to operate and a breeze to move around and the backpack straps comfortable.

Overall Impression:

We found the HUSQVARNA 130BT Back Pack Blower lightweight, durable, reliable when starting and easy to use.   Highly recommended.

How Much and Where To Buy?

The HUSQVARNA 130BT Back Pack Blower sells online for approximately $130 here:  Husqvarna-130BT-Powered-Mounted-Throttle

Tips For Reducing Dust

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