Milwaukee M12 Heated Hoodie Review

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M12 Heated Hoodie on the ACC Job-Site

The Fall weather is becoming more and more prominent as the days get shorter. We’ve had some brisk mornings here in New England, but the added warmth provided by the Milwaukee M12 Heated Hoodie has made the beginning of the day as comfortable as any Summer morning.

 Milwaukee M12 Heated Hoodie Review 6


  • 12-Volt M12 REDLITHIUM Rechargable
  • Carbon Fiber Heating Elements
  • 3 Heating Elements (Left/Right Chest and Back)
  • 3 Heat Settings (High, Medium, Low)
  • 2 Pockets
  • Cotton Blend
  • Waffle Weave Thermal Liner
  • Rib Knit Cuffs


 Color and Sizes Available:

  • All Hoodies are available in sizes Small to 3X Extra Large
  • Colors include Gray, Khaki, Red, and High-Visibility Lime


Out of the Box

The first thing I thought when I first opened the box, besides “I wish it was cold enough for me to wear this” when I received this product in August, was “this is a really nice sweatshirt!”. I mean REALLY nice, the quality of the fabric, the waffle weave, and rugged construction made it clear this sweatshirt wasn’t a gimmicky heated article of clothing but a great sweatshirt, even without the heated elements.

But let’s be honest the most important part of this review is the performance of the heated elements and the feature that peaked my interest about this sweatshirt.

 Milwaukee M12 Heated Hoodie Review


The hoodie’s heated elements get warm within a few minutes which is perfect to beat the morning chill. I turn the hoodie to high as I leave the door and I’m toasty warm even as I wait for my engine to heat up to actually pump heat into the cab of the vehicle. Once it does I kill the power and save the battery for when I arrive on the job-site.

The M12 Heated Hoodie 12-Volt REDLITHIUM battery pack is noticeable while wearing the hoodie, but not uncomfortable or inconvenient. I can put on my tool belt and just need to adjust the battery to sit above where my belt circles the sweatshirt to be comfortable. The battery is held in a internal pocket with a velcro flap on the back left of the hoodie. I’ve heard people describe the location as the “love handle” area.

Milwaukee M12 Heated Hoodie Review 7

Milwaukee advertises a battery life of up to 6 hours. We found that using the sweatshirt as we did changing settings dynamically and turning it on and off as needed the battery easily gets you to lunch and the quick charging battery will get you warm again in no time when the battery is drained. When the heat gives out, the LED switch seems to stay on, which can be deceiving when the day goes on and your not sure if the battery still has juice or not to heat the sweatshirt.

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Video Review

Overall Impression

We loved doing this review and using this hoodie. Milwaukee and other tool companies offering heated clothing options boast that their jackets and hoodies are great for on and OFF the job-site, but we used our hoodie so much in job-site conditions it has too many stains to wear out on the town. But as I mentioned earlier this is a great looking sweatshirt and you’ll definitely get noticed wearing it. I could hardly take the sweatshirt off when it was chilly out during this Milwaukee M12 Heated Hoodie Review.

This is an awesome hoodie and the bonus heat is a must have feature in the cold. If you use M12 tools GET THIS HOODIE. If you don’t I’d take a long hard look at the M12 line and see what you need, because this is a hoodie you’ll definitely WANT!

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