DEWALT Lithium Ion Black Hooded Heated Jacket Kit Review

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DEWALT Lithium Ion Hooded Jacket on the ACC Job-Site

This summer DEWALT announced they would be releasing Heated Jackets compatible with either 12V MAX or 20V MAX batteries. We here at ACC have had the opportunity to try heated gear from all the big tool companies so we feel we have pretty good perspective on the heated gear on the market and how each company’s products hold up to the job-site, so enjoy this DEWALT Lithium Ion Black Hooded Heated Jacket Kit Review!

DEWALT Lithium Ion Black Hooded Heated Jacket Kit Review 1

Now let’s talk about the DCHJ061C1 DEWALT Lithium Ion Black Hooded Heated Jacket Kit. Before we got a hold of this model we were honestly confused about the “hooded heated jacket” description, we heard of heated jackets and heated hoodies, but a hooded jacket sounded strange.

Well, let us clear things up for you, this model is essentially a DEWALT heated Carhartt. Actually, the outer shell is water and wind resistant cotton twill NOT cotton duck, but it feels a lot like the cotton duck you’ll get on a Carhartt hooded jacket or a cambium material.

Regardless, after getting a hold of one of these “jackets” we are very happy with the style and material. Of all the job-site heated gear we’ve tested this model is the best stand alone outerwear style, design, and fabric. But when it comes to heated gear this is only one aspect of the product.



  • 20V MAX or 12V MAX Batteries can be used
  • Water and wind resistant cotton twill outer shell.
  • 3 core heating zones; upper left & right chest and mid-back.
  • LED controller offers 3 temperature settings (high, medium, low)
  • Pre-heat function
  • USB Power Source with 2 USB power ports for charging portable electronics
  • Battery fuel gauge
  • Battery pocket expands to accept 20V MAX* XR Li-Ion batteries

DEWALT Lithium Ion Black Hooded Heated Jacket Kit Review 4

Out of the Box

This model can be purchased bare, which is great for those of us who currently run DEWALT kits or already have DEWALT battery packs, or in a kit. We reviewed the Kit version SKU DCHJ061C1 which includes:

  • Heated Jacket
  • 20V MAX/12V MAX USB Power Source
  • 20V MAX Battery
  • 20V MAX Charger
  • Out of the Box


Our first impression was a pleasant surprise that we were essentially getting a job-site proven design, with a strong material. The jacket features some subtle, but classic DEWALT details, yellow cords make up the zipper pulls and the DEWALT logo is prominently centered on the upper back of the jacket. Finally, the battery pocket is labeled with a little yellow battery symbol.

DEWALT Lithium Ion Black Hooded Heated Jacket Kit Review 2

The jacket has a good sized hood, the cuffs and the waist have a flexible but thick cotton material for comfort, and the pockets are well sized. One of the inside pockets, the one on the same side of the battery, has slots and leads for running USB chargers and headphones up through the jacket neatly and safely so you can effectively charge your electronic device, listen to music, and heat your jacket ALL at the same time!



Considering all of the functions that can run off one onboard battery, I’m sure your thinking; “how long can this one battery last?” Well despite all the advertising you’ll read about anticipated run time, it really all depends. But consider my comments with the knowledge that I was running a standard 20V MAX battery.

DEWALT heated gear features the “Pre-Heat” mode which brings your jacket up to heat quickly, which is a really nice feature when you are shocked with cold, but this is the first setting once you engage the heat, so I often just turn on my jacket when I want heat and don’t think much about it. This pre-heat mode must drain the battery faster than just turning the jacket on, even on high.

DEWALT Lithium Ion Black Hooded Heated Jacket Kit Review 8

In job-site testing I’ve found the DEWALT model to make it to lunch, which is comparable with other models we’ve tested. Good news is the recovery time on the charge is pretty fast, about 30 mins. And since we are on the job-site, I often turn off the heat if I’m lifting, climbing, or doing any type of serious exertion that heats me up, natural body heat and heated gear can get you real hot, real fast.


Overall Impression

We love the look AND feel of this hooded jacket, it fits well and FITS in well on the jobsite. The jacket is activated with a button on the inside of the zipper and glows flashing red during pre-heat, red on high, white on medium, and blue on low during heating. Very conspicuous and doesn’t draw too much attention to you on the job.

What I don’t like is the size of the battery pack and it’s location on the jacket. I often activate and wear my jacket right out the door, I don’t have to wait for my vehicle to heat up as I head to work, which helps me beat the morning chill. But while seated the battery is quite uncomfortable and I have to constantly adjust the location to keep it from jutting into my back.

DEWALT Lithium Ion Black Hooded Heated Jacket Kit Review

Additionally, the external battery pocket is almost impossible to close while wearing the jacket. The slide battery pack can sometimes get dislodged during work or the a/c connector gets pull out and you lose heat, making the necessary adjustments while wearing the jacket should be possible, I’ve found it very difficult to do. Finally, the primary zipper of the jacket gets caught and makes zipping the jacket from start a pain.

Bottomline this is a great heated jacket, perhaps my favorite for the job-site, with some minor adjustments and improvements DEWALT will have the industry standard for heated gear! The DEWALT Lithium Ion Black Hooded Heated Jacket Kit (DCHJ061C1) sells for approximately $200 and is available now!


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