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RIDGID Drill Bits and Accessories Approved on the ACC Job Site

Regardless if you are a professional contractor or DIYer when it comes to drilling and driving you know the frustration that can come from using or rather TRYING to use bad bits or bit accessories. Not to mention the aggravation of searching for the ONE bit you need and happen to be missing to remove a fastener.

If this sounds familiar go ahead and take a look at RIDGID’s new drill and driving sets for you or perhaps a Holiday Stocking Stuffer for the Pro or DIYer in your life. Interested in more gifts for that special Tool Junky in your life, check out the ACC 2013 Holiday Tool Gift Guide.

RIDGID Impact Rated Bits and Drill Bit Sets 2

RIDGID Impact Rated Bits and Drill Bit Sets are definitely professional grade and although are great comprehensive sets for the serious DIYer or homeowner, many of the features are geared directly towards the Professional consumer.


Drill Bit Sets

RIDGID is offering 4 NEW impact ready drill bit sets that we know can meet your needs whether this is one of many sets you’ve purchased in your lifetime or this is your first drill bit set.

RIDGID Impact Rated Bits and Drill Bit Sets 7

24-Piece IMPACT RATED Driving Bits (about $9.99)

Includes an impact ready bit sleeve and 15 bits, in addition to 7 impact bits and 1 Philips #1 impact ready extension bit. This kit includes all the bits professionals see most on the jobsite in all the right sizes (Philips, Square, and Star).

RIDGID Impact Rated Bits and Drill Bit Sets 1

28 Piece IMPACT RATED Driving Bits (about $14.99)

Includes 25 bits for driving the most common job-site fasteners (Philips, Square, and Star) including 5 extra long bits for accessing those hard to reach screws. The extension bits have #2 Philips, Square, and Star Bits with #1 and #3 Philips as well. Finally the set includes 3 impact ready bits for driving bolt style screws like Truss Loks in 1/4″, 5/16″, and 3/8″ sizes.

RIDGID Impact Rated Bits and Drill Bit Sets 8

12 Piece Drill Bits (about $9.99)

Includes 12 Impact Ready Drill bits with specially designed with a tapered web to withstand the torque of an impact drill. The drill bits are also long enough to drill through 2x material. The range of the bits include 7/64″, 1/8″, 5/32″, 3/16″, and 1/4″.

RIDGID Impact Rated Bits and Drill Bit Sets 13

24 Piece Drilling and Driving Bits (about $16.99)

This impact ready driving and drilling set includes a combination of 12 impact ready Torque Zone driving bits for driving the most common job-site fasteners (Philips, Square, and Star) and 12 impact ready drill bits (7/64″, 1/8″, 5/32″, 3/16″, and 1/4″).


Torque Zone

RIDGID, like many other companies, have modified their bits to withstand the high torque applied through Impact Drivers, which wreak havoc on traditional bits. With a unique and flexible mid section, the bits twist when the driver engages lessening the initial jerk of the driver.

RIDGID Impact Rated Bits and Drill Bit Sets 3

Unlike some other companies RIDGID has developed proprietary steel developed to withstand high torque applications. Between the Torque Zone engaging and disengaging the bit smoothly which helps prevent stripping and wear, and the Proprietary Steel, RIDGID is extending the life of your bits!



These Bit Sets include all the right bits and they work exceptionally well. Definitely professional grade and at an extremely competitive price. The bits are well made and mate well with fasteners, the black matte finish rubs off quickly, although it does look cool.

RIDGID Impact Rated Bits and Drill Bit Sets 11

I love the Impact Ready Drill bits for pre-drilling split prone material during fastening or even having the option to use your driver for drilling when you don’t have a drill handy or don’t want to use both tools at once.


Overall Impression

Bits and Drill Bits are a thing you don’t think of too often when you’re considering a new tool purchase, but a complete set of bits can be refreshing on the job-site when you change fasteners or a specialty head is used. And as a homeowner having a complete set is pivotal when you take on any project, this is a “tool”, I guess accessory, you will ALWAYS need.

The competitive price of RIDGID products will always be a major factor when considering their tools. High quality and high value! Check out these bits for a great gift this Holiday season or a much needed re-stock of your bit inventory, you won’t be disappointed!

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