Ridgid R9601 18V X4 Cordless Compact Drill and Impact Driver

By Robert Robillard on Tool Reviews

Ridgid R9601 18V X4 Cordless Compact Drill and Impact Driver ComboRidgid R9601 18V X4 Cordless Compact Drill and Impact Driver

By Michael Hopp

I have been a remodeler/general contractor for the last 10 years. I am always looking for the most efficient way to work.  There is never enough time in a day! I can remember getting my first power tool set at the age of 10 and it wasn’t cordless, just needed a few extension cords.

Now I look back to see how far cordless tools have improved with their technology.   Especially with this new Ridgid 18V x4 Cordless Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo.

When Ridgid sent me their new 18V x4 Cordless Combo Kit to try out I was looking forward to learning about them because I am not that familiar with Ridgid tools.

Overall Impression:

The first thing that I noticed when I received the box at my front door was that it was in perfect condition with no markings. I am one to grab the second or third item off the shelf, so to see the box in this condition impressed me.

When I had the drill and impact in my hand I found them to be comfortable and well balanced.

I like the LED grip light feature and that it stays on for approx 20 seconds after your hand is off the handle.  As for the radio, it was

Ridgid R9601 18V X4 Cordless Compact Drill and Impact Driver

compact and sturdy.  The carry bag that’s included is the perfect size to hold everything in the kit plus there’s room for a small drill/screwdriver bit kit.

Ridgid offers different drill/driving kits available to purchase separately.

What’s in the bag?

  •  ½ Cordless Compact Drill
  •  Impact Driver
  •  Radio
  •  2 Hyper™ Lithium Ion Compact Batteries
  •  Charger

  •  2 Bits
  •  2 Belt Clips
  •  Auxiliary Handle
  •  Carry Bag



Ridgid R9601 18V X4 Cordless Compact Drill and Impact Driver

  •  18V
  •  Torque: 535 in Lbs
  •  No Load Speeds: 0-450 / 0-1650 RPM
  •  Chuck: ½’’

Impact Driver

  •  18V
  •  Torque: 1750 in. lbs
  •  No Load Speeds: 0-2400 RPM, 0-3100 IPM
  •  Chuck: ¼’’ Hex

Mini Radio

  •  18V

  •  Modes: FM / AM / Aux


  •  Charge Time: 1 hour


  •  Hyper™ Lithium Ion
  •  100% Compatible with all 18V Ridgid Batteries
  •  Operates Down to – 4 F (- 20 C)
  •  Triple Protection Electronics Design  (Protects battery from overheating, overloading and overcharging.)

    Ridgid R9601 18V X4 Cordless Compact Drill and Impact Driver

Using the tools/features:

I was able to use this kit on a few different job sites.

The first time I was framing out a custom closet using 3 1/8’’ multipurpose screws with the impact driver.  On a different job I was driving 3 ½’’ concrete screws into cinder block.  This impact driver has plenty of power and drove the fasteners into both materials with ease.

Another feature that was nice was the one-handed quick load bit holder. This helped out a lot for the fact that I use a few different fasteners and each one has their own bit type.

The compact drill worked perfect on one job site.  I had to drill a 2 ½’’ hole for a PVC vent pipe and of coarse it was in tight quarters!  This Compact 18V drill solved this issue.  I put a 2 ½’’ hole saw in its jaws and had them lock down tight.  The hole saw ran very smooth, drill never bogged down and the LED light assisted.

Using the drill for predrilling with a ¼’’ drill bit before fastening the concrete screws was comfortable and made quick work of this project. The batteries are compact and lightweight, which is a plus for extended use.  I like the up front battery fuel gauge and the ease of changing them between tools.

Both tools came with a belt clip for added convenience. This is a must in my book!

As for the radio, the overall sound was good with FM / AM stations and having my Ipod connected.  It comes equipped with an Ipod connection cable with its own cord hook and port to keep it clean when it’s not in use. The strap on the back to hold your Ipod in place was another great feature.


There are a few improvements I would like to see.

For one, I’d like to see a second LED light added to the drill. The impact has two LED lights in the base and the drill only has one. Viewing and testing them, the LEDs were the same size and brightness when I covered the second LED on the impact making the impact 2x brighter.

I would have also liked to see an AC/DC adaptor supplied for the radio instead of having to use 1 of the 2 batteries given with the kit and/or having a third battery.

Lastly, I thought that the carrying bag should have the option of a shoulder strap so I could free up a hand and make one less trip to the truck. Adding a Velcro pocket to the carry bag to hold spare bits would also be helpful instead of having them loosely in the bottom of the bag.

Overall Impression:

My overall impression of the Ridgid 18V X4 Cordless Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo is that it’s a keeper.  I feel that the tools will be able to hold up on a job site due to the output power that they showed.

They felt comfortable in my hands and were overall solid tools. The price for this combo kit is $199.00 and it’s available at The Home Depot. Ridgid also supplies an advertisement in the box that displays a complete line of tools for their 18V line up.

About the Author

Michael Hopp is a registered contractor in the State of Rhode Island. He has been registered for the last 10 years specializing in interior and exterior remodeling, doors and windows.

Mike began practicing his trade 19 years ago at William M. Davies Career and Technical High School in carpentry shop. This gave him the opportunity to become an apprentice at Brodeur Window Distributors. Mike continued working at the company for 10 years. During this time he was in charge of the specialty door shop and assisted on service calls.

For the last 10 years, Mike has been practicing as a general contractor in Rhode Island with his company MJH Construction.  He obtained his LLC status 2 years ago. Even though his background is in doors and windows, his passion is for remodel work.

Mike is also a fire medic on Lincoln Rescue, Town of Lincoln Rhode Island where he carries the rank of Lieutenant.

Mike resides in North Providence, Rhode Island with his wife Jennifer and daughter Olivia.



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