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Bosch Expands Laser Range Finder

Bosch Expands Laser Range Finder Lineup to Tackle Longer Distance Applications

Finally a tool that a Cop and a Carpenter can use!!! From the job-site measuring trim to a major accident scene and measuring skid marks or distances between points of contact.

Bosch’s new long-range laser range finders GLR500 and GLR825 offer best distance, accuracy,feature assortment and compactness!

Capable of quickly and accurately measuring in 11 different modes over extended distances these new range finding tools are perfect for builders, architects, construction supervisors, building engineers, finish and trim carpenters, project estimators, plumbers, electricians, appraisers and even police departments investigating accident and crime scenes.

Over extended distances, both tools are accurate to within 1 millimeter (0.04inch).

As with previous models, such as the DLR165 and the GLR225, Bosch’s new laser distance measures offer users the flexibility of measuring from one of four distinct points – from the front or back of the unit, from the integrated tripod mount or from the multi-functional extension pin, perfect for measurements from corners or inside channels.

New to the GLR500 and the GLR825 is the capability of delivering 11 distinct types of measurements, versus seven modes on the GLR225 – length, area, volume, minimum/maximum, continuous, indirect length , double indirect, combined indirect, stake out, trapezoid, multi-surface area and timed measurement.

To help users keep track of all of those measurements, both tools have enough built-in memory to store up to 30 individual measurements and results.

With a maximum range of 825 feet, Bosch’s GLR825 features a 1.6x magnification viewfinder for precision laser sighting in long-range or outdoor applications, even in brightly lit environments. .

A glass lens and ceramic optics carrier are utilized for maximum durability. And both units, including their battery compartments, are IP54 protected against dust and water. Bosch’s GLR500 and GLR825 also feature rubber-padded surfaces to ensure a secure grip and to protect the units from damage due to drops.

Bosch’s GLR500 and GLR825 come complete with a soft belt-loop case, a hand strap and four AAA batteries.

Optional accessories include Laser View-Enhancing Glasses (DLA001) and a Laser View-Enhancing Target (DLA002).

The GLR500 and GLR825 will be available this July through authorized Bosch distributors nationwide. To find out more or to find a local dealer, users may visit Bosch’s website or call 877-BOSCH-99.

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