2023 Holiday Gift Guide

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2023 Holiday Gift Guide for the Tool Enthusiast

The holidays are rapidly approaching. Do you need the ideal present for someone special in your life? With our selection of holiday gifts, you’re covered. We have devoted many hours to reviewing various intriguing and practical equipment, from the newest technology to the time-tested essentials for your toolbox!

The staff at Tool Box Buzz and Concord Carpenter create a holiday gift guide each year. Every year, we examine a ton of amazing, fascinating, and cutting-edge products, and we attempt to offer you some suggestions for the person who already has everything they need! We think you could find some great ideas from these gift recommendations, which are some of our favorites.

Here are 10 products that we feel are worthy purchases for your special someone.

Milwaukee NITRUS CARBIDE Oscillating Multi-Tool Blades – Model 49-25-1576

Recently, Milwaukee Tools unveiled their new NITRUS CARBIDE oscillating multi-tool blades. Milwaukee holds an event every year called Pipeline. During this event, they unveiled all their new, upcoming product release, and that is where we first saw these new OMT blades.

NITRUS CARBIDE Oscillating Multi-Tool Blades provide the ultimate cutting experience, delivering the fastest cutting and longest life on the job site. The extreme materials NITRUS CARBIDE multi-tool blade delivers 2X more cuts than regular carbide teeth blades. These OMT blades are capable of hundreds of cuts in screw-embedded wood. These blades are ideal for the fastest cutting in screw-embedded wood, nail-embedded wood, plaster, cement board, drywall, and PVC.  They are available in 1, 3, or 5 packs.

You can purchase these NITRUS CARBIDE OMT Blades here: One Pack , Three Pack , or Five Pack

Dewalt LED Tape Measure – Model DWHT35625S

While some may find an LED light on a tape measure excessive, we think it’s a fantastic addition! As remodeling contractors, we occasionally find ourselves in dimly lit spaces. The Tough Series 25′ Lighted LED Tape Measure from DEWALT does away with the need for extra lighting. This tape measure includes a built-in LED light and a sturdy housing that, according to DEWALT, can survive a drop of up to 100 feet. The steel blade’s astounding maximum reach is 17 feet. In the darkest work conditions, this DEWALT Tape Measure performs professionally.

You can purchase the DEWALT 25′ LED Tape Measure here: DEWALT 25′ Lighted LED Tape Measure

Gerber Answer F.A.S.T Tanto Knife

A pocketknife is a type of knife where the handle folds over one or more blades and usually has a clip on it to secure inside your pocket. In addition to this term, they can also be referred to as folding knives, jackknives, or what we like to say Every Day Carry or EDC.  Gerber has a vast variety of EDC knives. Here is one we think is a great EDC carry

This knife is a true innovation, designed to give lightning-fast access to a blade when needed most. Together with a clever safety-slide lock, dual thumb studs provide an intuitive ease of use, and the robust Tanto blade quickly solves issues.

You can purchase the Gerber Answer F.A.S.T Tanto Knife here: Gerber Answer F.A.S.T Tanto Knife

Streamlight ProTac 2.0


We love LUMENS! The more lumens, the brighter the flashlight. Streamlight is an industry icon when it comes to flashlights. Geared towards true Public Safety heroes, Streamlight also has great everyday carry flashlights. This Streamlight ProTac 2.0 has 2,000 lumens and uses one USB rechargeable battery pack. It can be used one-handed and has three settings, momentary, variable intensity, and strobe mode.

On a full battery charge, you have 2.5 hours of continuous runtime on high and 25 hours of runtime on low. Just over 6″ in overall length and weighs 8.25oz, this light is perfect for pocket carry, or even deserves a home in your tool bags!

You can purchase the Streamlight ProTac 2.0 Flashlight here: Streamlight ProTac 2.0 Rechargeable Flashlight

Brunt Martin Pants

What is the right equation when it comes to a pair of work pants? Some pants offer great flexibility, some offer durability. Well, Brunt offers durability, flexibility, and practicality. These comfortable pants are designed for long days of labor thanks to their clever pocketing system, inherent water resistance, abrasion-resistant fabric, and a concealed double layer from the thigh to the shin.

The Martin pants have a cargo-style design but don’t have bulky or ugly cargo pockets. Instead of being loose on the outside, these pockets are tucked inside the pants. Two thigh pockets: one self-closing (right leg), one zippered (left leg), and reinforced front pockets for a knife or tape measure. I do, however, wish the cargo pocket section had separators. Tools, pencils, and knives would be able to stand upright rather than fall to the side. When bending over, if something is poking into your leg, it can be painful.

You can purchase the Brunt Martin Pants here: Brunt Martin Pants

15oz TIBONE Stiletto Hammer – Model TIB15MC


On job sites around the world, there has been a dispute for a few years now regarding steel versus titanium hammers. The two main concerns are 1) Can titanium hammers actually prevent injuries, or are they just more expensive than steel hammers? and 2) are titanium hammers truly worth the extra money?

The major attraction to using a titanium hammer is less vibration and weight. Titanium has the same strength as steel with 45% less weight and exhibits much less vibration than steel. Some hammer manufacturers claim up to 10 times less vibration. The reduction in weight equates to less fatigue over the course of a day, week, or year.

You can purchase the Stiletto 15oz TIBone Hammer here: Stiletto 15oz TIBone Hammer

Milwaukee Nut Driver Set 48-22-2507

The Milwaukee 7-piece Magnetic HollowCore SAE Nut Driver Set offers a complete set of nut drivers! They allow you to thread directly through the tool, from the front to the back, without catching on any end components. This Milwaukee nut driver set includes all seven components with the same HollowCore design. They also include expanded depth well sockets, allowing users to operate with more than one fastener at a time. Magnetic heads allow users to maintain better control over loose bits during the initial stages of any installation, as well as cleaner removal. This magnetic nut driver set comes in seven different sizes.

Sizes include 1/4-inch, 5/16-inch, 11/32-inch, 3/8-inch, 7/16-inch, 1/2-inch and 9/16-inch

You can purchase the Milwaukee HollowCore 7pc Nut Driver Set here: Milwaukee 7-piece Magnetic HollowCore SAE Nut Driver Set

Crescent Screwdriver Set – Model CDT8PCSET

Who doesn’t like a full screwdriver set, especially one that looks really sharp? Having all the screwdrivers in a set will allow you more time on a task rather than spending precious time looking for the right one!

Crescent utilizes a co-molded handle to improve user comfort. The handles are different colors to differentiate the type of driver. The blades have a black phosphate coating that resists corrosion and the sizes are laser etched on the blades. The diamond tip is designed to increase the grip on fasteners allowing the user to get the job done more quickly.

You can purchase the Crescent Screwdriver set here: Crescent Screwdriver Set

Brunt Coady Hoodie

Here at Concord Carpenter, work wear is a popular category. In order to find the best workwear to fit your unique demands, we are continually interacting with workwear manufacturers. Brunt has become a company favorite due to their performance, durability, and industry-leading DWR coating and reinforced high-wear areas—which make it an essential part of your cold-weather getup characteristics.

Hoodies are a staple in the colder months. Between water-repellent fabrics and abrasion-resistant high-wear areas, the Coady hoodie combats even the toughest conditions on the job site.

You can purchase the Brunt Coady Hoodie here: Brunt Coady Hoodie

Toughbuilt TP-CT-82-12

The ToughBuilt Tool Tote revolutionizes how professionals transport equipment and materials. In addition, it is designed to combine with all of ToughBuilt’s unique clip-on pouches for maximum tool organization. The distinctive hard body structure protects and maintains the shape of everything inside. Its multi-functional compartments include reinforced exterior pockets that bend to carry equipment securely. This tough bag is made with high-quality, durable materials and heavy-duty rivet reinforcement to withstand the professional’s harsh demands.

You can purchase the Toughbuilt Medium Tool Tote here: Toughbuilt Medium Tool Tote

Thank You

We want to take time to thank you all for your continued support over the years. You guys are the reason our team continues to post tool reviews and articles on best practices in the remodeling industry. We hope you enjoyed this gift guide and can find a special holiday gifts for your somebody!

Take care and HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all of our ACCcrew members!


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