2015 Father’s Day Buyer’s Guide

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2015 Father’s Day Buyer’s Guide

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Are you looking for the perfect idea for a that special Father’s Day gift? Well here at A Concord Carpenter we have taken a few of our favorite tools and turned them into a buyer’s guide.  Father’s Day is just a few days away, so we have added buy now links to our favorite tools for faster shipping and handling! Let us guide you to some of the hottest and most popular tools on the market today.  These are tools have been either reviewed here or over at ToolBoxBuzz.com, both sites have professionals in the field using these tools and reviewing them for users like you! These tools are definitely a perfect gift for your professional contractor, Serious Do-It-Yourselfer, or even the regular home owner.

Milwaukee Tape Measures


About 2 years ago, Milwaukee Tool heavily invested resources into creating a hand tool division with the professional contractor in mind. Part of that initial lineup was a number of tape measures designed for maximum durability and increased functionality.

Thsee hand tools have been a huge hit with pros and serious DIY-ers alike. Milwaukee has recognized a need for more variety within the segment though; not everyone needs all of the bells and whistles included on the initial line of tapes. These new tapes have a few less features, with a lower price, all the while maintaining the durability factor their tapes are known for.

Check out what contributing editor of Tool Box Buzz Jeff Williams has to say about these cool tape measure here: Milwaukee Tape Measure Review

You can purchase these Tape Measures on Amazon by clicking on the link here: Milwaukee 25’ Tape Measure

Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table

Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table

A stable workbench is critical to most, if not all, cutting operations, assembly work and much more. It’s often the corner stone to a projects precision, quality and efficiency. Every work shop, including most job sites, have a workbench for these tasks.  Work benches range from crude sawhorses and plywood to elaborate break down units.

Check out what the Editor of Concord Carpenter Rob Robillard has to say about this Festool Multifunction Table here: Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table Review

You can purchase this Festool MFT/3 Multifunctional Table on Amazon by clicking this link:Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table


dewalt 20v impact

Whether you are a professional contractor or a serious DIYer; one thing we all have in common is we want the tools that will help make our workload easier and physically less demanding on us. DEWALT tools offer both of these qualities in every tool they produce. At the end of the day, getting the job done easier, faster and with a lighter compact tools, means getting more work completed and the aches and pains from lugging heavy tools to and from job sites is virtual eliminated.

Check out what contributing editor of Tool Box Buzz Scott Arnold has to say about this Impact Driver here: DEWALT 20v Impact Driver Model DCF885C2

You can purchase this DEWALT Impact Driver on Amazon by clicking the link here: DEWALT DCF885C2 20v ¼” Impact Driver Kit

Bosch GTS1041A REAXX Portable Jobsite Table Saw


I have no doubt this will be one of the biggest stories in power tools for 2015! This is so damn exciting and I had the pleasure of seeing a live demonstration earlier this year at a private media event with Bosch. My reaction was WOW! Using a German Bratwurst as a demonstration the user tried to cut the Brat in half and the saw shut down so fast there wasn’t even a scratch on it! This new saw is sure to put up some serious competition against the SawStop portable table saw that was announced earlier this year as well.

Check out what editor and founder of ToolBoxBuzz.com Todd Fratzel has to say about this Bosch Portable Jobsite Saw here: Bosch Portable Jobsite saw with Flesh Sensing Technology

The Bosch GTS1041A Jobsite Table saw can be purchased on Amazon by clicking the link here: BOSCH GTS1041A Jobsite Table Saw

DEWALT 20 Volt Brushless Screw Gun DCF620


The new DeWalt brushless lithium Ion drywall screw gun was designed to work longer and Get More Done™ without power cords.

The screw gun was deigned for driving screws into both wood and steel studs in residential or commercial applications. For many years drywall and plaster contractor avoided cordless tools because they were less powerful, slower, heavy, and their cordless run-time sucked!

Check out what the Editor of Concord Carpenter Rob Robillard has to say about this DEWALT Cordless Screwgun here: DEWALT 20v Brushless Screwgun – Model DCF620

The DEWALT DCF620 can be purchased on Amazon by clicking the link here: DEWALT DCF620 20v Brushless Drywall ScrewGun Kit

KEEN Utility Braddock AL WP Work Boot


I have weird feet. There, I said it. Painful flat feet kind of weird. I’ve worn a lot of other work boots over the years and my feet almost always ached at the end of the day. The only times they didn’t was during the middle of winter; the times I had to wear my snow boots because it was so cold out. For years I’ve been looking for a different kind of work boot that doesn’t hurt my feet. I’m on my second pair of Keens in a row and they won’t be my last.

Check out what contributing editor for ToolBoxBuzz.com Jeff Williams has to saw about these boots here: Keen Utility Braddock Work Boot

Keen Braddock Utility Boots can be purchased on Amazon by clicking the link here: Keen Utility Braddock Work Boots

OLFA Snap Off Blade Utility Knives


Here at Tool Box Buzz we are always searching for new tools or solutions to highlight to our readers. In this case we are exploring Utility Knives and checking out a deviation from the ever popular quick change two-sided utility blades and knives.

The snap off blade knife is often viewed as a light duty, almost throw away tool. This is NOT the case with the superior quality blades and rugged construction of the OLFA line of snap off blade utility knives, the creator of the snap-off blade!

Check out was contributing editor Phil Benevides from ToolBoxBuzz.com has to say about these neat blades here: OLFA Snap Off Blade Utility Knives

The OLFA knives and blades can be purchased on Amazon by clicking here:OLFA Utility Knife and Blade Set

Well there you have it folks, some of our favorite tools we have reviewed. All of these tools are undoubtedly perfect gifts for the Dad in your life. Heck if you don’t want to buy it for them, definitely buy them for yourselves, you wont be disappointed!

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