Ryobi Miter Saw Stand A18MS01

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Ryobi Miter Saw Stand A18MS01


Ryobi Miter Saw Stand A18MS01 Review

Prior to this review, I did not have a miter saw stand for my Chop Saw. Normal use for me consisted of 2 saw horses and sheet of plywood… On at home projects it included using my wife’s nice 6’ folding table, which always drove her bonkers. Gone are the days of using the saw horses and the constant looking over my shoulder for an angry wife!!!

First Impression:

The first thing that caught my eye with the A18MS01 was its weight. Weighing in at just under 55lbs, this stand is easily carried. We all wish we had a third hand when it comes to trying to make less trips from the truck, trailer or car to wherever we are working. This stand can easily be carried with one hand and has great balance. There is a handle in the dead middle of the rails that make the balance even.

While advertised as accommodating most miter saws, mine was the exception to the rule. The A18MS01 quick release mounting brackets on this miter stand have bolts that need to be lined up straight. The holes on the base of my Craftsman Chop Saw are not lined up straight but rather slightly off centered. The easiest fix was to secure the saw to strips of ¾” poplar wood I had kicking around and then securing the wood directly to the quick mounting bracket. This adds an extra ¾” in height on top of the stand, but with the height adjustable arms, the extra height in not an issue.

Another great feature on this stand is the ease of use. This stand can easily be set up in a short amount of time. With push button locking mechanisms this stand will not open inadvertently while you are transporting it, or somehow close on you while trying to make cuts.

Ryobi Miter Saw Stand A18MS01


Over the weekend, my first item on the “To-Do” list was cutting down my old decking planks. I have twelve pieces of 2x6x12 that I needed to cut down for easier disposal. Once I removed all the nails, cleats etc, I had set up the stand with my Chop Saw to cut 3 foot sections. Using the material stops and the adjustable arms made this project breeze by. I think it took me under 5 minutes to cut all the pieces of wood down and stack.

Overall Impression:

Overall, I think this stand is excellent. The ruggedness, durability, and balance are just a few key features that make this stand… STAND out. Since using this stand, not only has my set up time been diminished, so has the evil eye I was constantly getting my wife!

• Accommodates most miter saws (except mine)
• Tough stand made of STEEL
• Adjustable arms extend for easy use
• Tool-less height adjustments of material supports
• Quick release mounting brackets help you easily mount and remove your saw from the stand
• Material Stops all for repetitive cutting
• Holds up to 400lbs

How Much and Where to Buy:

The Ryobi Miter Saw Stand – Model Number A18MS01 can be purchased at Home Depot for just under 100.00$.

As a serious DIYer, I feel that this is priced accordingly. Ryobi has always been the DIYer / Weekend Fixer Upper brand. They offer rugged products at an extremely reasonable price.

As a serious DIY’er and a novice carpenter, I am trying to establish a solid customer base. With brands like Ryobi, I am able to purchase tools that are not only in my price range, but are durable and will get the job done.

The Ryobi A18MS01 Miter Saw Stand is sold exclusively at the Home Depot and sells for $99.97. Click on the link to be directed to the HD website:  Ryobi A18MS01 Miter Saw Stand


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