Bosch GTA 3800 Miter Saw Stand

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Bosch GTA 3800 Saw StandBosch GTA 3800 Folding Leg Miter Saw Stand

By Josh Bordenca

Whether you are the DIY or PRO carpenter, chances are you own a miter saw.  Chances are that at some point in your career or DIY experience you have had to set up a temporary work station which involved using saw horses and a plank or plywood to rest your miter saw to get your work done.   There are many,many miter saw stands on the market today, some good and some not so good.

Well carpenters and handymen, I am here to point out the Bosch’s GTA 3800 miter saw stand.  This Spring I had the opportunity to use this stand on our job site.  We used it for several weeks and I am here to tell you my thoughts on it.

Some Assembly Required

Bosch GTA 3800 Saw Stand

Assembly of the Bosch GTA 3800 is rather straight forward, the instructions include step by step pictures to eliminate confusion.   Once assembled, the unit has a dimensional size of 62 x 10 x 8 inches and weighs 58 pounds.

This stand is definitely job site tough with a pair of wheels incorporated into the design giving the user the ability to roll this mobile work station around the job site and over tough terrain.

Custom Design

The Bosch GTA 3800 Miter Saw Standhas several key user friendly features that allow customization.  The stand is created in such a manner that allows the user to choose which side to mount wheels on. This is more of a personal preference than an operating/professional preference but it might mean something to you in how you store this unit.

One of the four legs has also an adjustable foot to shim the unit just in case you end up working on uneBosch GTA 3800 Saw Standven ground;  a stable surface is always a nice thing to have.

Bosch has a “Recommended Miter Saw” list of all miter saws that would best suit this stand so you may want to check first to see if your miter saw will fit this stand.

Stock Holders and Rollers:


Two material rollers on the left and right extension arms easily adjust and line up to what ever miter saw you own.

Along the same lines behind the rollers are spring loaded material stops for making repetitive, multiple cuts.  These stops are very easy to use as well as a sturdy stop for just about all materials.

Extension wings:

With both arms fully extended, the stands dual sliding rails expand up to 12-Feet -9-Inch to support up to 16-feet of  stock.  Nowshould some nut or bolt Bosch GTA 3800 Saw Standneed tightening or if you just want to make sure it is stilltight after years of use, on the underside of the stand is at handle with a tool stored inside it.  On board storage for tools is always a plus!

Mounting The Miter Saw To The Stand

Now finally onto the best feature I have seen on a miter saw stand; the miter saw brackets.

These brackets are like nothing I’ve seen before. The clamping feature on these brackets lock on tight and will not allow the miter saw to slide around, and should you need to remove it from the stand, a push button, with lever allows you to do so.  Words do not do the miter saw brackets justice; they are Bosch GTA 3800 Saw Standpurely ingenious as well as job site tough.

Transporting the Stand With The Saw Attached:

The Bosch GTA 3800 Miter Saw Stand comes with a miter saw stop guard that clamps onto the stand track which allows for optimal transport.

Instead of leaving the saw in the middle of the stand, you slide it to the stop which does two things.

1.  It prevents the saw from sliding off the stand.

2.  It lowers the center of gravity of the saw and stand which provides a much more stable position for transport.

That being said, should you be on uBosch GTA 3800 Saw Standneven ground I would absolutely keep two hands on the stand while rolling the entire assembly.

when a saw is not mounted to this stand a carry handle is conveniently located for transport.

Room For Improvement?

The only side feature I would look to see improvements on, would be the adjustable arm locks, they are a bit small for carpenters.  These levers should be larger and more beefy.

Overall Impression

Let us recap! The Bosch GTA 3800 miter saw stand is by far one of the more sturdy, job site tough stands I have seen.   In terms of features it comes with, I personally feel it is a Mercedes of miter saw stands.

This stand sells for approximately $250.00, including a one year warranty.

This saw is completely adjustable and customizable with adjustments on rollers, wheels, spring load stops, folding legs and transport setting whether you are a DIYer or PRO, you will work more efficient working with and look professional rolling this stand onto any job site.


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