Bosch vs DEWALT Portable Jobsite Table Saw Stand Comparison

By Robert Robillard on Tool Reviews

Comparing the  Bosch GTA500  to the DEWALT DW745bosch gta500 dewalt dw74500 Table Saw Stand

The folks at Bosch and DEWALT each provided me with their portable 10″ folding table saw stands to compare.  We bought the stands into the shop as well as used them on the jobsite for three weeks each prior to writing this review.

Bosch GTA500 Folding Stand for 10-Inch Stand for Portable Jobsite Table Saw (GTS1031)

The Bosch GTA500 Tool-free Folding Table Saw Stand is bosch gta 500 dewalt dw7450designed to hold the lightweight GTS1031 10 in. Portable Job-site Table Saw.

Once assembled this stand is tool-free and allows the user to easily attach and  detach the saw without fear of slippage.   The stand is an all-steel design, and its legs have a slight fair at the ends that provide this stand with exceptional gta500 dewalt dw7450

A built in locking clip on the stand lock into the table saw and securely holds it in place.   This is a GREAT feature which allows the saw to be easily moved around the job-site as needed.   there is nothing more annoying than trying to move the saw from one room to the next and having to break it down and transport it in two pieces.   Bosh solvebosch gta500 dewalt dw7450s that issue with this locking clip.  This same locking clip holds the stand closed and secure when storing or transporting.

The only down-side with the GTA500 is the height of the stand.  With the table saw attached the final working height is approximately 36 1/4″ high.  At 5’8″ tall, I found the working height a bit taller than I’d like for a saw gta500 dewalt dw7450

The stand has a footprint of 29″ x 28″ and really keeps the saw stable even when ripping longer, heavy boards.

The Bosch GTA500 sells for $79.00 online here: Bosch-GTA500-Folding-10-Inch-Portable

DEWALT DW7450 Table Saw Stand for DW745 10-Inch Compact Job Site Table Saw

The DeWalt DW7450 table saw stand was designed for use with the DeWalt DW745 10-inch compact job site table saw.  The DW740 is solidly constructed with heavy duty tube steel and weighs about the same as the gta500 dewalt dw7450

Like the Bosch it too has a folding design for transport and storage.

The stand has an integrated support bar and hardware holes make it easy to secure the saw to the stand for confident operation.  No one I know will ever insert bolts in these holes to clamp the saw down.   The entire  premise of the saw and stand is portability, quick set up and break down.  Unfortunately moving this saw from room to room requires breaking it down and carrying both saw and stand separately.

The DW7450 has a footprint of approximately 19″ x 31″ and is extremely stable.  With the saw attached the working height is 33″ which is whopping 3-1/4″ inches less than the Bosch.   At my height this wasbosch gta500 dewalt dw7450 imporant to me and I found this height more secure and comfortable to work at.

Which Saw Stand Wins?

Both stands are quality and both proprietary to their respective table saw.

If the Bosch stand were at the height of the DEWALT stand I would buy the Bosch!  In theory – the Bosch is the better stand for the simple reason that it offers everything the DEWALT stand has PLUS it locks the saw down without the need for bolts, or other easily lost  fasteners.

In reality – the DEWAT is the stand I chose due to its working height.  I found the 33″ saw table height perfect for my center of gravity and comfort.   Whobosch gta500 dewalt dw7450 knows taller guys may gravitate to the Bosch.

The DEWALT DW7450 sells for $63.00 online here: DEWALT-DW7450-Table-10-Inch-Compact

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