FEIN MultiMaster FMM250Q

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FEIN MultiMaster FMM250Q

FEIN MultiMaster Oscillating Tool Review FMM250Q

As a renovation contractor I’ve been using the FEIN MultiMAster FMM250Q on the job-site for at least eight years.   I remember seeing it on jobs even before that but it was mostly being used for intricate sanding applications, not cutting.

In the last ten years it seems that the MultiMAster has enjoyed the role as the trailblazer in the world of multi-tools. FEIN and now other brands have taken off and for good reason.

The FEIN has basically remained unchanged in the past few years. They still enjoy the reputation of being at the top of the heap.

Multi-Tools On The Job-Site:

My MultiMaster is capable of sanding, scraping, grinding grout and cutting. My tool mostly sees cutting and the quality and speed of my work has improved dramatically because of it.

Video Review:

Remodeling Applications:

Oh man the list is exhausting but I’ve used my FEIN MultiMaster for many, many applications and continue to find more, some or the application I’ve use the FEIN tool on are:

  • Cutting seams in baseboard, moldings and clapboard
  • Cutting caulking joints in clapboard
  • Cutting holes in drywall and plaster
  • Removing tile grout in heated floors to retro fit sensors
  • Cutting door jambs to accommodate tile.
  • Cutting inspection holes in plywood and plaster walls
  • Cutting hardwood flooring when installing thresholds and in-floor outlets
  • Cabinet installation
  • Cutting shims in door installations
  • Cutting 45 degree splices in exterior trim and corner boards
  • Cutting copper pipe
  • Sanding inside corners on wainscoting
  • Cutting nails, screws and bolts that were in accessible
  • Cutting ridged foam insulation board
  • Cutting shingles overhanging the rake with specialty blade.
  • Removing caulking and paint on trim around glass door panels
  • Loosening double hung windows that were painted shut
  • Basically any thing and everything that is wood or composite

FEIN MiltiMaster Features:

  • 250 watts
  • 11,000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute
  • 16 – foot power cord
  • Tool-less accessory change

Using the FEIN MultiMaster:

Like I mentioned earlier, I use my FEIN tool all the time. It has become the go-to tool for making precise, precision cuts in trim and other boards, replacing the old score and chisel method with a utility knife, chisel or pull saw.

It’s fast, easy to use, cuts smoothly and is extremely effective. Time save alone is the number one reason to buy this tool. The second reason is quality. Once you get the hang of thus tool your cut-ins will look like you made them on a miter saw.

The FEIN tool has a super long power cord that comes in real handy and often times completely eliminates the need for an extension cord.

Changing the accessories is easy enough by lifting a lever and removing a pin. My only concern with the pin is it can be lost. I work on staging a lot and if the pin falls 20 feet to the ground in a flower bed, and can’t be located the tool is now useless until I order a new pin.

The FEIN tool feels like quality. The weight of the tool is just right and the balance is even better. When there are more than one brand oscillating tool set up on my job-sites most guys reach for the FEIN MultiMaster first.

Overall Impression:

We love our FEIN MultiMaster FMM250Q and could not picture what work on the job-site would be like without it.

In a perfect world I’d like to see one improvement. I’m sure the engineers are on this already but it does go without saying that an accessory change that did not have a loose pin would be an improvement.



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