Proto ½ Inch Air Impact Wrench J150WP

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Proto ½” Air Impact Wrench J150WP Review

Proto ½ Inch Air Impact Wrench J150WP


DIY hub bearing repair made easier:

I’m not a mechanic. However I do like to work on my own vehicles now and again as it saves some money and keeps you more aware of what kind of shape your car or truck is in. My truck had blown it’s driver’s side front wheel bearing and the dealership wanted $800 for the repair! So I did some research and found out that I’d need a big shop bearing press to replace the bearing… or I could just order a pre-assembled hub and bearing kit from Blue Pit Bearings.  Andy was very helpful and answered questions via e-mail quickly. The part arrived when he said it would and worked perfectly!

The tool

The repair gave me a chance to try out the Proto ½ Inch Air Impact Wrench J150WP.   There are also uses for impact wrenches on the job site for driving lags and foundation and framing work.

Nice in the hands

The Proto air impact wrench feels great in the hands. Nice ergonomics! The trigger is really smooth and has a positive but not hard to press feel. The speed setting is pretty straight forward with a dial marked 1,2,3. 1 being the slowest/lowest torque and 3 being full on this nut or bolt is moving No matter what!

The Proto In Use

The tool performs very well. With 1,260 ft lbs of breakaway torque, lug nuts, brake caliper bolts, and a huge 36mm axle nut were no match at all for this tool (for all you carpenters out there that’s FOOT pounds not our usual measly inch pounds).

I did have a little trouble getting sockets on and off of the hog ring but I’m use to ball detent ratchets and this will probably break-in somewhat. It’s small! Air impact wrenches aren’t that big but this one is really compact which really allowed me to get the tool into tighter spaces around the brake calipers and other odd spots. Proto even makes a compact version of this tool with slightly lower torque and air consumption specs that promises to be even more… well… compact!

Overall impression

If you’re in the market for an air impact wrench and want a solid, lightweight option the Proto J150WP is a great option. I love the feel of this tool and found it very easy to use.

How Much And Where To Buy?

The Proto ½ Inch Air Impact Wrench J150WP sells for approximately $441.00 online here:  Stanley-J150WP-2-Inch-Square-Pistol

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