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ZipWall Magnetic Dust Barrier Door

ZipWall Self-Closing Magnetic Dust Barrier Door

When discussing contractor professional development we often refer to the term, “livable remodeling.” Livable remodeling refers to providing building and remodeling services to your clients in a way that:

  • Reduces stress
  • Minimizes health risks – such as airborne dust
  • Ensures their home is livable during the process
  • Details and explains steps in the scope of work process
  • Promotes outstanding communication
  • Dust Control System

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ZipWall Magnetic Self Closing Dust Barrier Door

We’ve been using Zipwall products for years. While the system is GREAT our frustration always seemed to focus on the zipper door. It was clumsy, people get frustrated and pull too hard breaking it or the seal fails over time.

A few years back ZipWall released a self-closing ZipWall Magnetic Dust Barrier Door Kit. This kit is ideal for contractors, and provides a hands-free entryway into the job-site while keeping dust contained. The magnetic door measures 7’2″ x 4’7″ and can be used with barriers made of plastic sheeting or with ZipFast™ reusable barrier panels.

Installation of the ZipWall Magnetic Door

Installing the door is easy, especially once you have a ZipWall plastic containment in place. the magnetic door installs with an adjustable header bar that works with all ZipWall spring-loaded poles. Specially-designed magnetic strips snap together to attach the magnetic door to the barrier material, forming an airtight seal. Powerful self-closing action maintains the tight seal. The door is reusable, durable, and easily handles high traffic.

ZipWall Magnetic Door Features

  • Adjustable header bar for ease of installation
  • Specially designed magnetic strips create a continuous seal around the door
  • Tough nylon fabric panel is flame retardant and features a clear plastic window
  • Self-closing magnets are sewn-in
  • Can be used with negative or positive air
  • No ladders, no tape, no damage
  • Reusable

ZipWall Magnetic Door Cost

The ZipWall Dust Barrier Magnetic Door Kit includes a door panel, header bar with clips, magnetic strips, and a carry bag. It’s completely reusable and should last you years.  When you consider you’ll pay $40.00 for a zipper kit you’ll make your money back after 6 uses. It costs approximately $250 and can be purchased online here:


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