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How to Get The Most From Your Day


Time Management and Being Productive

It always seems that there is never enough time in the day or days in the week to get things done.
Time management for me its balancing a full time career, a part time job, estimates, carpentry billing, family, driving to sporting events, and home maintenance.

So what gives?

What can we do to free ourselves up more?

The answer is in effective time management.  Practicing time management allows you to get the important things done and give you more time to do the the things you want to do but never seem to have the time.

The following suggestions will make you more productive, reduce your stress, and help you get more out of your day…. Just try it, it works!

Time Management Techniques

1. Make a list and identify the two most important items on that list and and then do them.

Make your list the night before. Once that list is completed, ask yourself, “What two things, if completed, would have the biggest impact on my day, job or bottom line?”

2. Then just get them done. Anything completed after those two priorities are extra!

3. Work through your list ONE item at a time, crossing them off as you complete them.

I am often tempted to multitask other activities while working on my lists. Don’t do this…. don’t start the next one until you’re done with the first one. The KEY is to focus on one item at a time and completely finish it.

4. Do the hard things first and save the easy stuff for later.

Many people try to get the easy stuff done first, attacking your most difficult problems or tasks first while your body fresh and your mind is a good approach.

5. Group your other activities.

Paperwork, checking e-mail, checking voice-mail, paying bills, typing estimates, etc., are incredible time drains.

Paperwork and other non-essential activities especially are best grouped at the end of the day. Although these things seem important (and some are) don’t keep getting tangled up in them.

6. Prepare your next day the night before.

It also allows you to get more rest because you’re not worrying about or planning your day as you’re trying to fall asleep at night.

Anyone got the time?   No – read more time management tips.

~ concord carpenter

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