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Saw Horse Pro – A New Way to Work!

If you’ve ever used miter saw to cut long, unsupported stock, you know what a hassle it is to deal with a saw that moves all over the place, or a rickety miter stand, while you’re trying to make cuts. Miter saws work hard in the shop and on a job site and having a miter stand or solid work table makes working with them WAY more effective.

Many companies sell miter stands to accompany their saws, and many contractors even make their own stands. The problem with these stands, is that is ALL they do is hold the saw and support material.

The Saw Horse Pro Design

While a miter stand is useful for holding a saw, having a working surface or work table that can double as an assembly table or cut table gives you more options and make you more versatile.

The Saw Horse Pro design works for any miter saw and can be used as a table saw, assembly table or as a sheet-stock, ripping station. Its configurable in many different ways.

Miter Saw Features

When considering a purchase for a miter saw stand you should consider the following features:

• Stability
• Portability
• Ease of setup
• Breakdown
• Durability
• Quick-release saw mounts
• Material Stops for cutting stock to identical length
• Work supports that don’t sag

Folds Flat For Storage

Contractors work differently, and want a product that is configurable and flexible. The Saw Horse Pro addresses many of features listed above. Probably the best features are the fact that it is lightweight, durable, stows flat but when assembled it will support over 800 pounds.

To test the strength the folks at Saw Horse Pro placed forty 2×12-20 framing boards on the table to see if it would hold – it did!

Saw Horse Pro features

  • Product is lightweight
  • Stores flat
  • Has No Hardware
  • Needs no tools for assembly
  • Non-skid rubber feet provide a stable work station and prevent moisture wicking
  • Sets up in seconds
  • Configurable in both shape and size
  • Holds over 800 pounds – crush tested with 2×12-20′ [40]
  • Can be used outdoors, plywood is rated for wet environments.
  • Work surface stays very flat for precision work
  • Complete configuration can be dragged around for re-positioning without disassembly.

Instant Assembly Table – 2×4 Slots

The Sawhorse Pro has cut outs that allows two 2×4’s to be mounted flat or vertical for an instant sheet cutting, assembly or work station. Add a sheet of plywood on top of these 2×4’s and you have an instant, sturdy, assembly or work table.

Table Height

The tables were designed to be 34″ in height. This design was based on getting a comfortable working height for most people.

Counter heights measure between 34″- 36″ tall.  A miter saw work table is approximately 3″ +/- in height, so the final working height on the Saw Horse Pro will be close to a 37″ total.

For folks who are taller and want a taller table you can order the Saw Horse Pro at  36″ or even 38″ tall.

Material / Work Supports

This Saw Horse Pro can be configured with side outrigger material supports. If needed, these supports can be doubled up, to extend out further, and support longer boards.

The outrigger work supports are trim-able to allow you to cut them to work with your miter saw worktable height. The only concern we had with this was that, once cut, we would be locked in for one brand  miter saw.

For example:

Dewalt miter saw table height is 3-1/2″ an the Bosch table height is 3-3/4″.  The folks at Work Horse Pro recognized this and are now making outfield legs that will allow you to have two heights by rotating the outrigger legs 180 degrees. This will allow contractors to be able to use the outrigger with two different miter saw table heights.

This Saw Horse Pro also doubles as a great workbench for more than just cutting. We found it useful as a platform for carpentry tasks, from clamping glue ups to platform building.

Non-skid Rubber Saw Horse Feet

The Saw horse pro has non-skid rubber feet provide a stable work station and prevent moisture wicking when assembled in wet environments or snow conditions. The rubber coating is thick and durable and coats the plywood approx. two inches up from the bottom of each leg section.

We found that the cut outs in the saw horse legs are great handles and are perfect for hanging tools with rafter hooks.  The middle cut out is also useful with hanging and storage option either in the shop or trailer. Currently we have our unit on the floor – there is not room to hang it up.

Custom Logos Coming Soon

In the very near future Saw Horse Pro is going to upgrade their hand cutting production of these units, to CNC production. Once the CNC unit is online they will begin offering customers the option to include their company logo on the Saw Horse Pro. This logo will be engraved and painted – what a GREAT way to look professional and impress your customers.

Overall Impression

If you’re looking for a work station that has more versatility than just a miter stand then you may want to give the Saw Horse Pro a closer look.

Saw Horse Pro – system Overview


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