Ryobi Flexible Clamp Light Review

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Ryobi Flexible LED Clamp Light (PCL665B)

I am pleased to own several Ryobi LED lighting products.  The Ryobi Flexible LED Clamp Light (PCL665B) is another highly versatile and valuable task light for Ryobi fans everywhere.

Battery Life Jackpot

The Ryobi Flexible LED Clamp Light offers many attractive features for those that need bright task lighting in a variety of situations.  The Clamp Light works with the entire family of Ryobi 18V ONE+ batteries.  While I never completely exhausted my 18V 4Ah battery, I was able to use the Clamp Light for well over 14 hours in both high and low mode and it still has at least 50% life.  Ryobi claims the battery will last up to 32 hours in low mode.  I think that number is fairly accurate based on my testing.

Ryobi Flexible LED Clamp Light Specifications

  • Up to 400 lumens of LED light output on flood mode
  • Ability to clamp to materials up to 1-3/4″ thick
  • 16″ flexible neck and a rotating base for precise placement
  • Offers two modes—flood and spot—with a pull of the head
  • Offers two brightness settings—high and low—in each mode
  • Offers up to 32 hours of runtime on low
  • Compatible with the Ryobi family of 18V ONE+ products
  • Protected by a RYOBI 3-Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Battery and charger sold separately

Flexibility With A Touch of Rigidity

The rotating base and 16” flexible neck on the Clamp Light are especially valuable features.  The flexible neck is very adaptable, while also being quite rigid.  Once you have bent the neck into the position you prefer, the neck’s rigid construction will firmly hold it there.  The actual head of the Clamp Light is heavy and it can cause it to tip over if the neck is extended and not well balanced.  When the light was standing upright, I preferred to use a Ryobi 4Ah or 6Ah battery since the extra weight at the base kept it from tipping over more frequently.  Laying the Clamp Light on its side was another option when I needed the neck oriented in a manner that would cause the light to tip over.  The rotating base also allowed me to maneuver it into a variety of uses.  Something I really appreciated about this light is its small footprint—you only need an area the size of your battery to place the Clamp Light down.  Many of my other Ryobi lights are much larger and would have a harder time fitting in cramped spaces.


Built-in Clamp

The built-in clamp can affix itself to any materials up to 1-3/4″ thick.  The top and bottom of the clamp have protective rubber guards in case you are clamping it to a delicate surface.  I was able to clamp the light to the hood of my car, the side of a table, and a 2×10 beam in my basement.  When clamped overhead, I did feel the more lightweight 18V 2Ah battery was advisable.  Once securely clamped to a surface, the rotating base and bendable neck enabled the light’s direction to be easily directed.

High, Low, Spot, and Flood

I appreciate how Ryobi offers several brightness settings in their LED products.  Offering a variety of brightness modes allows the user to customize the lumens for the job, and more importantly, it allows the user to conserve valuable battery life.  The Ryobi Flexible LED Clamp Light (PCL665B) offers both a high and a low mode.  The power button is located on the head of the Clamp Light.  A single press of the power button initiates the high mode and a second press switches it to low mode.  When operating in high mode, the Clamp Light produces up to 400 lumens of LED light.  In low mode, up to 200 lumens of light are produced.  The 400 lumens of bright white light in flood mode were very intense and more than enough for the jobs I completed inside and outside the house.

Sliding Bezel

Ryobi increased the usefulness of the Clamp Light by including the ability for the head to slide from flood mode to spotlight mode.  By slowly extending the gray end on the head of the light, you can easily switch from flood to spot.  The head extends almost half an inch, and every movement back or forth will adjust the area of light dispersion.  Measured at a distance of 40 inches from a wall, the flood mode will produce a round ring of light 50 inches in diameter; the spot mode will produce a ring of light 15 inches in diameter.  I appreciated the effectiveness of the high and low power modes combined with the flood and spotlight modes.

Final Thoughts on the Ryobi Flexible LED Clamp Light

The Ryobi Flexible LED Clamp Light packs plenty of lumens, it is highly adjustable, and the battery life is excellent.  The 16” flexible neck attached to a rotating base allows you to direct the light where you need it.  Plus, you can choose to direct 200 to 400 lumens of wide or narrow light on that work area.  If you are already a member of the Ryobi 18V ONE+ family, the Ryobi Flexible LED Clamp Light (PCL665B) has a little something for everyone.  You can pick one up at the Home Depot for $39.97.

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