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Post Leveling Tool

Replacing a rotted stair or newel post


Fence post and column level

On a recent porch rehab project I had to replace the two bottom newel post.  If you ever had to replace a porch newel post or set a new mail box post or column you know that you need three hands and two levels! columns, newels and mailbox posts need to be plumbed on two sides.

A few years ago I picked up this PostRite Post Leveling Tool at Sears for less than $10.00.  This folding level saves time and aggravation.


PostRite is made by Kapro. Kapro is a global manufacturer and developer of innovative hand tools for the professional market. They make spirit levels, laser levels, and layout, marking and measuring tools for a range of applications, projects, and jobs.

The PostRite has a magnetic backing for and is made from a high-impact plastic with folding, central hinge that opens every 15 degrees for greater accuracy when reading posts, pipes or signs. I like it because it folds flat and stores nicely  in my toolbox.  A heavy-duty elastic strap holds the PostRite on the post for quick and easy fastening to non-metallic posts.  The PostRite has 3 yellow vials, two for plumb and one for level applications.

Purchase your own Kapro- Post Level here.

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