Milwaukee 30” Tool Chest and Rolling Cabinet Set

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Milwaukee 30” Tool Chest and Rolling Cabinet Set Review

If you own a home and like to work on it — or, are simply determined to do the work yourself — then one thing will be true: you will need tools. When you begin, you’ll need only a few, but once you grow in skill and ambition, you’ll be looking at your skill saw and drill, and realize you’re woefully equipped to tackle the project ahead, and so off you go to buy another tools. For many projects beget tools and, at a certain point, tools beget tools.

At the beginning, this is isn’t a problem: you use a workbench, or some shelves, but pretty soon the tools are stacked in piles, and, with the dinner bell or phone rattling, you neglect to organize the shelf and every day working on the project begins with a scavenger hunt for where those damn drill bits ended up.

I was there. My workshop — once sight of organization — was literally overflowing with tools. It got to the point where I was not looking forward to going into the space as I was confronted with the mess every time. And so I went in search of a tool chest to organize my space and provide some peace of mind.

What I needed In a Tool Box

In looking for a tool chest I had a few criteria:

  • I wanted something large enough that left me room to grow into, so I didn’t have to upgrade the tool chest in a year or two when I had acquired yet more tools;
  • I wanted something with lots of different organizational spaces, so that I could organize my tools the way I wanted to;
  • I wanted something that didn’t take up too much room on the floor, as my workshop was already crowded;
  • I wanted something sturdy, so I could toss tools into it without worry;
  • And I wanted something mobile, so that if I decided to rearrange I could move it around easily.

After a lot of research, I decided on the Milwaukee 30” Tool Chest and Rolling Cabinet Set. At less than $500, this tool chest provides great value for the money.

Durability and Size With a Soft Touch

This tool chest is built from 20 gauge steel making it built to be tough. And yet, it also has 100 lb rated soft close drawers. When I first used the drawers, I said to my wife: “These drawers close softer than any in our kitchen!” And it’s true: they’re awfully smooth, even when loaded down.

Speaking of load, this tool chest is rated at a 1,400lb load capacity within 19,199 cubic inches. I know I have plenty of tools, but still — I won’t be pushing that limit. That gives me plenty of room to  grow into, and some peace of mind.


  • 19,199 cu. in. of storage space
  • Supports up to 1400 lbs.
  • 100 lb. soft-closing drawer slides
  • 9.2 in. deep clamshell lid
  • Built-in, 6-outlet power center
  • Reinforced, 6-gauge angle-iron trolley base frame and 20-gauge steel construction
  • Four 5 in. x 2 in. industrial-grade, polypropylene casters (two swivel with brake and two rigid)
  • Cabinet with handle and casters installed: 33.25 in. W x 41.34 in. H x 18.2 in. D 


This tool chest has a total of 12 drawers of different widths and depths — smaller, narrower ones at the top for screw drivers etc, and deeper, wider ones at the bottom for power tools. Each of these drawers have pre-cut drawer liners, so your tools don’t get banged around too badly, either.

When I first got the chest, I played around with putting different tools in different drawers. I finally settled on a system that works for me, such that I know now which drawer to reach for. It’s easy, it’s organized, and I don’t have any of that anguish of worrying about where I left something.


For its size, and its contents, it’s remarkably easy to move. This is because it’s built on a reinforced, 6-gauge angle-iron trolley base frame with four 5 in. x 2 in. industrial-grade casters, two of which are swivel brakes and two are fixed.

Truly, I’ve not seen anything this big move this easily since Wilfork. [Former New England Patriots Center] It made moving it, sliding it into place, and rearranging the workspace, a breeze.


This may not seem like a big thing, but it has a powerstrip built into the side. I found being able to plugin my battery chargers, and hang them off the side, to be tremendously convenient. By taking them off a shelf, this created space by hanging them on the side of the tool chest.


If you’re looking for a sturdy but mobile tool chest, I’d highly recommend the Milwaukee 30” Tool Chest and Rolling Cabinet Set. It’s built tough, with loads of storage, is mobile, and comes in at a great price point.


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