RIDGID Job Max Interchangeable Tool Head System Review

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RIDGID Job Max a No Brainer for Homeowners and DIYers

As a professional my tools are my living so the more I can get done the faster, the happier my clients and my boss are. Ultimately happy customers and a happy employer means I’m doing a good job, that’s what I strive for day in and day out.

When remodeling, flexibility is key so I was intrigued by the RIDGID Job Max which boasts seven vital remodeling tools on ONE power base. Well to be fair, I don’t have much use for a ratchet attachment as a carpenter, but the other six are in frequent use on our jobsites.

The RIDGID Job Max’s other tool heads include:

  • Reciprocating saw,
  • Jig saw,
  • Right angle drill/drive,
  • Multi-tool,
  • Auto hammer,
  • Right angle impact driver.

This review features the multi-tool, reciprocating saw, and right angle impact driver on the cordless model. This RIDGID Job Max Interchangeable Tool Head System Review is all about versatility and flexibility for the Homeowner and DIYer.

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Out of the Box

The duel chemistry charger, which allows you to charge a slew of RIDGID battery packs from NiCad to Lithium Ion and from 9.6V to 12V to 18V batteries, is idiot proof. The number of displays on the charger makes it easy, without reading the manual, to understand what’s going on with your battery.

The Job Max Power Base has a great grip and a bright LED light, which can be turned on without powering a tool head with a separate button. The light stays on for 10-seconds which is nice, but the button is so sensitive and right where I hold the tool that I kept bumping it.

The battery packs slide on and off with ease, but the tool heads take some wrestling out of the box, but with more use I’m sure they’ll ease up. When attaching a tool you don’t get the satisfaction of an audible click that tells you the tool head is secure to the power base.

The other big thing I noticed was the length of the assembled tools. Awkwardly long was my first impression, but during operation it doesn’t really pose any major issues.

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We tested out the cordless version of the Job Max which has inherent limitations with the reduced power from a corded version and for professional jobs, you NEED power and reliability. Some of our guys carry the corded job max for more speciality tools like the right angle impact, but the cordless may not be enough for a professional job-site. That’s why we recommend the cordless versions for strictly homeowner and DIY use, but the corded versions of these tools can hold their own in professional applications.


Job Max Multi-Tool Head

The Multi-Tool Head features a universal adapter which is great for no worries purchasing of blades, but blades must be switched out using an allen wrench. An oscillating tool is so versatile, perfect for the unpredictability of home maintenance. Plus, with this system a home owner can get one of these tools at a fraction of the price of a dedicated tool.



  • No load speeds: 0-20,000 OPM
  • Adaptor Type: Compatible with most popular accessorie
  • 4 Directional Head Positions
  • Compact Head Profile

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Job Max Reciprocating Saw Head

A Recip Saw or Sawzall can be applied indoors, outdoors, used for landscaping, and brush removal, this is a tool a homeowner can’t live without. The inability to adjust the orbital cutting motion of the blade makes some applications not as fast as they could be, but the versatility and price of this system still outweighs these shortcomings for the consumer. This interchangeable system may not stand up to professional standards, but having this tool can save a DIYer or homeowner HOURS of work and they don’t have to pay an arm an a leg for the capability.



  • Strokes per Minute (SPM): 0-3,000
  • Stroke Length: 1/2-inch
  • Die Cast Gear Housing
  • Compact Head Profile
  • 4 Directional Head Positions
  • Tool-Free Blade Clamp
  • Lock-Off Lever (prevents accidental trigger engagement)


Job Max Right Angle Driver

A Drill Driver makes professionals lives much easier and helps us get our work done FASTER. The DIYer and homeowner want the same thing and this tool delivers the torque to speed up those weekend projects. The additional versatility of the right angle makes getting to screws in tight places much more reasonable.



  • No load speeds: 0-2,000 RPM/ 0-3,100 IPM
  • Torque: 650 in. lbs
  • 4 Directional Head Positions
  • Compact Right Angle Design
  • Mar-Resistant Head Cover
  • ¼ In. Hex Quick Coupler

 RIDGID Job Max Interchangeable Tool Head System Review 8

Overall Impression

The Ridgid Job Max provides the flexibility of multiple tools on one power base with the mobility of a cordless tool, which screams to be used by a homeowner or DIYer. The ability to have six tools in one bag is unheard of. And the fact that you can cut branches in your backyard with the reciprocating saw and walk the same tool inside and cut an opening in drywall with the oscillating multi-tool without skipping a beat, makes this tool worth checking out.


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