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Kreg Storage Screw Organizer Containers

Kreg’s Organizer KTC25 & Containers KKS-S & KKS-L

Kreg Tool Company continues to keep you productive with their new organization and storage solutions.  With the launch of the Kreg System K5 (KTC55) Organizer in September 2015.  They are adding to the Kreg System with the screw organizer (KTC25) and hardware containers (KKS-S & KKS-L).  These organizers will be available August 1, 2016.


The Screw Organizer:

The screw organizer will assist you with storing for Kreg screws in a compact easy to carry organizer.  The KTC25 is also stack-able and matches the Kreg System Organizer (KTC55) to assist with continuity of the Kreg System.

This new screw organizer will hold up to 14 new Kreg screw containers.  With tabs on the containers that will fit into recesses in the screw organizer allowing the them to stay put while being carried or stood upright.  Kreg continues with using transparent lids on their organizers to see the contents inside. Lastly the the screw organizer allows new Kreg screw containers to be stored with lids off, without spilling the screws when the screw organizer is closed and is being  carried.

The Hardware Container:

The containers are design to hold, store and organize your miscellaneous hardware.  Hardware containers are durable, resealable and reusable containers that mirror the Kreg screw packaging.  They are available in two sizes small and large.  Another benefit about this containers is you can write on the lids to identify what is in each container.

Screw Organizer KTC25 Features:

Hardware Container KSS-S/KSS-L Features:


The Screw Organizer KTC25 will be selling for $24.99. The Hardware Containers sold in four packs will be selling for KSS-S is  $ 6.99 & KSS-L 8.99.

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