JET Dust Collector DC-1200VX

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JET Vortex Cone Dust Collector DC-1200VX Review


The folks at JET recently sent me their 2 hp, 230 volt, single phase, Vortex Cone Dust Collector to review and evaluate.
In order to use this machine I have to first wire a 230 volt outlet in my wood shop.  Once done I hooked the DC-1200VX-CK1 directly up to my Grizzly 10″ cabinet saw and Grizzly 6″ joiner.
I purposely did not install blast gates because I wanted to see if the JET could handle two machines at the same time.   JET rates the DC-1200VX to have 1100 to 1200 cfms when used with a 4″ dust collector hose.
I knew my table saw 350 cfms and the joiner needs 450 cfms, so I was well within the collectors rating.

What Is The Vortex Cone?

JET designed the DC-1200VX  as a  single-stage machine that is rated for continuous duty.  The aerodynamically designed chamber and 14 in. cone combination is what drives the JET Vortex Cone System, the machine turns the sawdust, similar to a tornado, which allows the machine to separate the wood chips from airborne dust.
This cyclonic action takes place in the lower chamber plastic bag.     The larger chips fall and the really nasty airborne particulate is captured in the upper pleated  filter.
Revolving handles off the upper rim of the upper canister acts as an internal filter scrubber.  When the handles are rotated they  knock off excess dust from the pleated filter.
What impressed me the most was the upper filter.  It captures 98 percent of 2 micron airborne dust and 86 percent of 1 micron sized dust.    What is a micron?  Well just think of the diameter of a human hair which ranges from 40 to 120 microns.

Changing The Bag

The plastic wood dust collection bags are held in place by a snap ring and install or remove easily.

Moving The JET Around the Shop

The JET has heavy duty casters that allow the machine to be moved around your shop to hook up to other tools or just moved to sweep behind it, your choice!

JET Fan Features:

The JET Dust Collector DC-1200VX features an 11″ cast-iron impeller with fins to deliver 1100 or 1200 cfm capacity. These fins help keep the motor running cooler for longer life. The fan motor also features permanent lubricated bearings,  and industrial quality push buttons on/off switches.   I’ve already decided that I am adding a wall switch to control the new out let I installed, this will allow me to avoid having to bend over to turn the dust collector on or off .

Using the JET Vortex Cone Dust Collector

One of the clues that tipped me off on how well this dust collector worked was my table saw.  Inside this saw cabinet I installed a slanted plywood slide to assist saw dust to the 4″ dust collection hose.    While this always has worked reasonably well I still had to occasionally use my shop vac to clean out the cabinet, especially the four corners.  The new JET completely cleans out the cabinet, including the corners.  Very impressive.

I have concluded that I am probably not going to install a blast gate on this machine.  If you do decide on this machine or another make sure to take the time to learn what your machines require for cfms.

The noise of the machine was significantly less than my older 2 hp dust collector and it seems to be super efficient and powerful.

Here’s a basic CFM lesson:

  • Table saws, miter saws, shapers and band saws are rated at 350 cfm.
    Joiners and disc sanders come in at 450
  • Belt sanders 550,
  • Thickness planers are 785 cfm.

Other factors to consider when choosing a dust collection system:

  • Will you operate more than one machine at the same time?
  • Use of blast gates
  • Lengths of dust collection pipe, including elbows and vertical rise


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