Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light Review

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Milwaukee M12 LED Stick LightMilwaukee M12 LED Light 2351-20

My name is Rob and I love lumen! ~  There I said it.

More recently I’ve become a lover of light-emitting diode bulbs or LED bulbs.  Before we go any further you need to know that alot of lumen with little lux equals a poor lighting experience.  Which means that not every LED light source is the same.

Milwaukee tools has been busy this past year expanding their M12 tool line.  One tool in particular is the M12 LED work-light that boasts 220 lumens and over 4 hours of run time.   This light provides a bright and smooth beam of light that helps improve visibility in dark, enclosed spaces. Also, it’s durable enough to survive heavy-duty job-sites, it’s easy to carry, and cordless.

Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light


Three LEDs:

Milwaukee like many other light manufacturers are now using LED bulbs.  LED bulbs have many advantages over incandescent light sources including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved physical robustness, smaller size, and faster switching.

What Milwaukee seems to get that others do not is that using a better quality LED gives you a better light output and better light color.

What’s Unique With the M12 LED Stick Light?

The Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light is a high quality light and not a “package deal throw in” and at $ 80.00 MSRP this light is designed to be functional, durable and above all usable on the job-site for many, many years.

The three quality LED bulbs and reflector plate put out a very consistent rectangular beam with no hot spots.   The beam pattern is even and clean and the light output is amazing.

This light will provide 4-hours of light with an M12 battery and 8-hours of light with a 4.0 XC High Capacity battery.

M12 LED Stick Light Video:

Testing The M12 LED Stick Light

It’s amazing to me that three small LEDs can put out such consistently clean colored light.  Most light sticks I’ve seen on the job have low quality color and my guess is low-end LED bulbs subsequently putting out poor quality, bluish colored light.   I hate that color of light, its hard to distinguish details and other colors.

A simple test in my shop yielded an interesting result.  I simply placed the Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light 8 feet off a wall and 36 inches off the ground.  The M12 LED Stick Light gave provided a clean consistent rectangular light in an 8 foot by 8 foot plus area.

At 12 inches the usable light output was 24-inches wide by 4 feet tall.

It was obvious to me that the luminous efficacy of these bright LEDs are more than enough work to see small details and even distinguish wire colors correctly on the job site.  Think how important it is to identify and select the correct wire colors when wiring machinery and being able to see the finer components and details of a project.

Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light


The lightweight, compact design provides superior portability.  There is an optional 1/4-20 threaded magnet or tri-pod that can attach to the rear of this light which electricians will love.

A multipurpose and positioning stainless steel hook allows this light to hang vertically, horizontally and to hook over nails, pipes and wires up to 1-inch in diameter.

A battery fuel gauge tuns on when the light is activated and turns off in approximately 4 seconds.

This light is corrosive resistant and is obviously built durable but in case you do damage the impact resistant lens it takes only 4 screws to replace it.Heavy Duty to Provide Bright Light and Extended Life.



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