COAST HP7 LED Flashlight Review

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COAST HP7 LED FLashlight

Quality Flashlights Cost Money:

A flashlight is like any other tool.   You get what you pay for.

For some people a flashlight is an occasional tool.   For others it’s a necessity and part of their daily routine.   In these situations they may depend on this flashlight to perform their job, or safety, such as law enforcement, fire and EMS personnel. What do you use a flashlight for? I use the COAST HP7 LED Flashlight.

LED Flashlight Technology:

What is LED?

LED stands for light emitting diode.  Basically, a semiconductor device converts electricity to light by using the movement of electrons  LED diodes create more light while using less energy. LED bulbs are 300 percent more efficient than a compact fluorescent light (CFL), and 1,000 percent more efficient than an incandescent bulb and more durable.


Many people look at flashlights and compare only lumen.  Lumen is a measure of the total “amount” of visible light emitted buy a light source or bulb.

The problem with doing this is that lumen can vary from flashlight to flashlight and manufacturer to manufacturer. There are other factors you should consider such as durability, impact and moisture resistance, reliability, focusing beam, consistency of and quality of the light output.

COAST HP7 LED Flashlight:

The folks at Coast recently sent me their HP7 LED flashlight to evaluate and review.

The COAST HP7 LED Flashlight Review is a perfect size for everyday carry and use, is durable enough and has the run time and light output to be an everyday flashlight for people who lensrely on flashlight to perform their job.

First Impression:

The COAST HP7 flashlight is an all aluminum, durable looking flashlight with a really cool looking lens, unlike any lens I’ve ever seen.

It measures 5-1/2″ inches long, weighs 7.2 ounces and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.  The rubber switch feels solid and precise.  My first impression was one of durability and quality.

COAST HP7 Features:

  • Light output: High – 251lumens; Low – 58 lumen
  • Run time: High – 5 hours 45 minutes; Low – 10 hoursbattery pack
  • Beam distance: High – 196 meters (642 ft); Low – 66 meters (216 ft)
  • 4 X AAA batteries (included)
  • Aluminum casing; Rubber rear switch
  • High and low output modes
  • Impact and water resistant
  • 7.2 ounces (including batteries)
  • 5.54 inch length
  • Diameter: Body – 1.24 inches; Bezel – 1.49 inches

COAST HP7 LED Flashlight Video Review:

Using The HP7 Flashlight:

This flashlight is easy to use.

The COAST HP7 LED Flashlight has a  quick cycle switch allows you to select between a high output [251 lumen]  or a low output [ 58 lumen] beam of light.   The first depress of the switch always brings you to high light output mode, a second depress brings you to the lower light output mode.  This on / off switch is located at the opposite end of the lens and is set up to operate nicely with your thumb.

Coast’s has what they call “Pure Beam Focusing Optic System with Fingertip Speed Focus Control.”     A simple pull in and push out of the lens bezel is all it takes to adjust the HP7’s precise light beam.

At the two extremes of focus the HP7 gives you a really large light beam that lights the entire room.  The other end of the focus is my favorite, which is a super bright centralized spot light as well as a surrounding spot light.  The surrounding spot light or  “HALO” surrounds the spot light and illuminates the peripheral area.  In between these two extremes are a variety of light settings.

If you have a favorite light setting, you can lock  the bezel in place by simply twisting the bezel clockwise to lock in the mode.

What I did not like:

The lanyard on the COAST HP7 LED Flashlight  is not as durable as I would like to see.  I can see this breaking after some time.  The “roll resistant” fitting at the lanyard was ineffective when the HP7 was dropped, especially on a slope.

It’s one thing to place this tool on a table and give it a slight nudge but in reality you may be pushed or fall to the ground and the light will be tossed a bit.  In these situations the flashlight rolls away once it hit the ground.

The lanyard nub does eventually stop the light from further rolling.

NOTE:  I dropped this light several times both on and off and did not see any adverse effect to its operation of light quality.

NOTE:  The COAST HP7 LED Flashlight  was tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards, the HP7 also features an unbreakable LED and rubberized O-ring for reliable water resistance and durability.

Overall Impression:

I really liked the HP7.  Its readily clear that quality was put into the construction of this light.  It is built tough, is impact-resistant, and it’s lightweight aluminum casing resists rust and corrosion.

The light output is impressive and the spotlight and Halo [outer ring of flood light] was my favorite beam setting.

The light quality is superior to other flashlights that I am accustomed to.  From spot to flood, the light output was consistent and had no dark rings typically associated with focusing flashlights.

I also liked COAST’s  “Beam Lock System” which allowed me to lock in my favorite beam setting.  This may not seam important to you but if your safety depends on a flashlight, like a police officer, you want your flashlight beam setting consistently on the same pattern every time you hit that switch.

The COAST HP7 LED Flashlight is a quality tool that is worthy of your attention!

How Much and where to buy:

This high performance flashlight can be purchased online for approximately $69.00 here: Coast-High-Performance-Flashlight-19279

Coast offers a  lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.


This review contains my opinion of a product. I take pride in providing my readers with honest and objective information as well as a practical approach to using a product. I never accept payment in exchange for a positive review. Many of the tools and products are provided to for free by a manufacturer for review.


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