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How to Clean Granite Steps

Cleaning Exterior Granite

It wasn’t long after I started working as a carpenter that I started advising clients to replace their rotting wooden stairs with stone and granite steps.

Granite makes an excellent choice for front entry stairs because of its hardness and resistance to ice melt products.  Additionally granite compliments gives and a sense of permanence in your home architecture and landscape design.

However, as pollen, rain and other outdoor elements collect on exterior granite, you will want the most effective and safe cleaning routine to remove residue without damaging the granite. If you search the internet there is a lot of sites that preach approaching granite steps like their countertop – not needed!

This article will show you the best how to clean granite steps.

What You’ll Need

The least strenuous and faster way to clean granite is with a pressure washer. We use the Generac-SpeedWash-7122-Pressure-Attachments
If you choose to use a pressure washer you can forgo the soap and scrubbing recommended below.

  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Dish soap or stone cleaner
  • Soft scrub brush with extension pole … or …
  • Pressure washer or hose with sidewalk sweep nozzle
  • Blower or broom

How to Clean Granite Steps – Procedure

  1. Clean off loose dirt and debris
  2. Pull any weeds growing around steps or in step joints
  3. Wet granite
  4. If not using a pressure washer: Mix soap in bucket with water an use a bristle brush scrub the granite
  5. Work in small sections to keep track of your cleaning pattern
  6. Use the pressure washer or hose to clean off soap
  7. Repeat until the entire surface is clean.
  8. Allow either to air dry

Note – When using a pressure washer use a back and forth pattern to create an even clean look.

Inspect Mortar Joints

Some granite steps are large pieces of granite while others are 2” slabs and are “wet-set “ in place with mortar. If you have granite slabs that have mortar joints, this is the time to inspect and repair these joints as needed.

Inspect Mortar Joints: repair missing mortar as needed

How to Clean Granite Steps Video

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