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Since starting AConcordCarpenter I am constantly asked for my recommendations for tool gifts.  The simple answer is not always that simple.

People are funny when it comes to tools.  Based on the suggestion of a friend, I’ve compiled a list of great gift ideas of the tools and products that I have tested and reviewed.  All are great tools and many of them have found permanent homes in my toolbox!!

While most of these recommendations are tools, some of them are really cool products, clothing and gear.

Each category has a short description and an Amazon link to buy the tool or product online.   I do most of my shopping at Amazon and recommend their site.  I also get a very small commission from any tool purchase off the included links.

The tools below are in no special order, clicking on the title link will bring you to for additional information and purchasing.

You can learn more about any of these items by searching for them in my search box.


Stiletto Hammer

As I get older I continually look for products and tools that will make my work more efficient, easier, better quality and hurt my body LESS!

What impressed me the most was how effortless this hammer is to swing.   It is truly a quality  tool that will save wear and tear on my wrist, elbows and shoulders from the abuse of swinging a heavier hammer.

It is designed to reduce recoil vibrations by ten times!

The Stiletto 16 ounce titanium hammer sells for $78.98 online here: Stiletto-TI14MC-14-OunceTitanium-Framing-Hammer

DEWALT 15 ounce Framing HammerDWHT51145

This framing hammer (DWHT51138) is lighter and more powerful than conventional framing hammers.

The DEWALT engineering team to use MIG Weld Technology to match the weight of leading titanium hammers while maintaining the strength and durability that DEWALT end users demand.

The DEWALT framing hammer sells for $49.00 online here: DEWALT-DWHT51138-Framing-Hammer-Checker

CH Hanson Self-Adjusting Locking Pliersautomatic Curved jaw plioer

I was so impressed with the Automatic locking plier that I am going to buy a few sets for my contractor friends.

I’ve always owned traditional locking pliers but never reached for them unless I had a a stubborn bolt.  Their clumsy and not fun to use.  The automatic plier line has completely changed my mind and this tool will be one I reach for way more often.

these locking pliers sell for $ 16.00 online here:  Hanson-10100-10-Inch-Self-Adjusting-Locking

Bora Angle MasterAffinity tools angle master

The Angle Master was useful when determining the miter angle  on the bead board project in these pictures, especially on the non-ninety degree corners.

Simply measure the angle, divide the tool and transfer to a miter saw, band saw or table saw for a perfect cut on even the most complex angles.

The angle master sells online for $59.00 here:


Johnson 40-6001 Laser Distance Measure Tool

The 40-6001 laser tool was designed for me ~ It’s idiot proof!
Simply turn it on, press measure button and record the measurement.
I recently used this tool to measure 5 commercial offices for a client of mine.  It worked great, was super efficient and eliminated the need to have another person hold the “dummy end” of the tape measure.
This laser measuring tools sells for $118.00 online here:



Delta 13” Thickness Planer

I was super impressed with the DELTA 22-590.

It is a well built and well designed, quality woodworking tool that is both suitable for both the small shop and the job site.

It sells online for $568.00 here: Delta-22-590-Thickness-Portable-Planer

Delta 1 1/2 HP Dust Collector

This machine is sized perfect for the small shop or person who is tired of dealing with the mess and dangers of uncollected shop dust.

I suggest that if you decide it’s time to install a dust collector that you also consider adding an air filter / cleaner to compliment  it as well.

The Delta 50-786 is backed by a five-year warranty and is at specialty woodworking dealers for $466.99 or online and have it shipped to your door here: Delta-50-786-Dust-Collector-1200

Delta 18-900L  18-Inch Laser Drill PressDELTA 18-900L 18-inch Laser Drill Press

The  DELTA 18-900L is a Cadillac of drill presses.  If you’re looking to purchase a drill press that will do everything you need to do in the shop and last you a lifetime then look no further.

Its clearly durable and versatile enough for professional duty as well.

DELTA is known for their durability and this drill press demonstrates that “‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

This amazing Delta drill press sells for $ 824.00 online here:Delta-18-900L-18-Inch-Laser-Drill

Ridgid Oscillating Sander

I was impressed.  At $207 this sander is an incredible value.  I challenge you to find a better 2-in-1 sander for the same price.

I found the sander easy, reliable, and well made.   This  inexpensive bench top sander is a great addition to your shop!

It sells for $207 and is available online here: Ridgid-EB4424-Sander-Oscillating-Edge


Rockler F-Style Clamps

No shop or woodworker should be without these clamps.  They are rugged, deep and well defined.

Many times clamps get glue, paint and other material debris in the threads, making them difficult to turn.  These aggressive threads will not be easily clogged with that debris.

The 24″ models sell for $14.99 online here:

Zipwall Dust Barrier Kittemporary dust door

The ZipWall system is the ideal dust control barrier. It provides remodeler, contractors, DIYers and homeowners a flexible option that accommodates variously-sized spaces and multiple applications. All without damaging the space.

The ZipWall system is ideal for a wide variety of projects that create dust or other potentially harmful debris.

These include demolition, hardwood floor sanding drywall / plaster repairs, wood sanding renovations and painting.

The system I evaluated was super lightweight and portable, easy-to-assemble and provided an outstanding dust containment barrier.

The ZipWall 4 Pack Plus kit includes everything you need to create a secure dust barrier on your project or in your home znd sells online for: ZipWall-4PL-Plus-Carry-4-Pack

Veto Pro Pac Tool Bags

This is the toughest tool bag I’ve ever seen.  It has been performing on the job site now for a year now and has shown no wear.

The Veto Pro Pac tool bag is super rugged and weatherproof design will  keep your tools organized, protected, and easy to find.

It is truly a well engineered bag and will I promise you it will outlast cheaper competitor bags.

It sells for $ 144.oo online here:

Milwaukee Shockwave Nut Driver SetMilwaukee® Shockwave Impact Duty™

The  Milwaukee® Shockwave Impact Duty™ Magnetic Nut Drivers are the perfect solution for heavy duty impact driving or just the run of the mill nut fastening.  Either

way you can’t go wrong with Milwaukee’s attention to detail and quality of the tool.

This kit sells for 12.42 online here: Milwaukee-49-66-4562-Shockwave-Magnetic-Nutdriver

Milwaukee Voltage Tester

The Milwaukee CAT IV 1000 volt Voltage Detectors integrated LED work light that is 3 times brighter, and has a loud buzzer, not to mention the highest safety rating of 1000 volts. A  built-in a power-on indicator lets users know if their batteries are working before testing.

The new voltage detector provides a durable tip for checking outlets, and when voltage is present, the tool alerts the user both audibly and with a visual indicator that is visible on all sides.

Sells for $23.00 online here:  Milwaukee-Voltage-Detector-Light-2202-20


Timberland PRO Helix work boots

The Timberland PRO® Helix also has a rugged rubber out-sole, which is slip-, oil- and abrasion-resistant and also features our Ladder Lock™ out-sole radius, which offers comfort and confidence on extension ladders.

I’ve been wearing the Helix work boot for several weeks now and have zero complaints.  They are super comfortable and provide great ankle support, I’m sold!

So before you “walk a mile in my shoes” try these boots first.

You can buy the Helix work boot online for $140.00 here: Timberland-Mens-Helix-Safety-Boots

Girly Loc Pink Tool Bags

This pink tool belt is an all leather, hot pink, construction grade tool belt, complete with chromed hammer hoops on each side.

This pink tool belt was specifically designed for women, the quality, the color, & the size.

This pink tool belt features adjusters on each side of the belt for sizing flexibility (fits 24″ to 50″ waist).  This belt it is obvious that the same construction went into it as my commercial tool belt.

This tool belt sells online here: Pink-Toolbelt-Women-Tool-Belt


 Hammer Stahl Sudoko Knife

At $65.00 the price point of this Hammer Stahl knife is an easy choice.

When considering that this knife, cared for properly will last a lifetime the cost is a no brain-er!

You get what you pay for and this knife is a perfect example.  Oh yea – Hammer Stahl has a lifetime warranty and will even sharpen your knife for free, all you do is pay the shipping.

To purchase this knife go to this site:  Bella Gourmet

Somerset Trellis Kit.

The Somerset® II Trellis is a super durable and easy-to-install trellis system and a perfect garden addition for that person with the green thumb!

If you’re looking to expand your vegetable garden space vertically or have decorative climbing plants that need some additional support, this system is for you.

The quality of this unit will outlive the fence it’s installed on.  It’s designed with stainless steel and powder coated aluminum.  There will be no rusting here folks!!

The Somerset® II Trellis sells for $219.00 and is an awesome value when considered how long this unit will last and how little time and effort is needed to install it.  Plus it can be taken down and relocated over and over.

Purchase it online here: Feeney-8706-BLK-Foot-Somerset-ll-Trellis

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