Eldorado Stone Infinite Fire Bowl

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Eldorado Stone Infinite Fire Bowl Review

There’s something entrancing about sitting at a fire, staring into the flames. If you’ve been reading my site for a while, you know that I like to keep busy—but sitting in front of flickering flames and glowing embers, my mind relaxes and I can unwind. On long summer evenings, there’s nothing better than hanging out with friends and family by the fire pit.

A lot of other people apparently feel the same way, because fire pits and fire bowls have become popular outdoor features adding ambience and warmth to an outdoor space. They create an attractive focal point for patios and other outdoor spaces, improving the feeling of any yard. As an added bonus, an outdoor fire allows you to lengthen your summer and spend more time outside, even once the nights become cooler.

Eldorado Fire Bowls

We recently undertook a patio makeover where the client wanted a fire pit to complete their patio and outdoor living spaces. Their wish list included a fire pit that was easy to light, had minimum clean up, and required no wood storage.

Their patio is located off the rear of the house and is situated in a secluded backyard with an adjacent screen porch, beautiful flower gardens, and an in-ground pool. We thought a fire bowl would be the perfect solution for their space. Fire bowls offer a more elegant look and feel than your average fire pit, and are easier to care for. Natural gas the most common choice for outdoor gas fire bowls.

Based on our client’s wish-list, we directed them to look at Eldorado Stone gas-fed fire bowls. Our clients fell in love with the styles Eldorado offers, as well as the versatility of the options available. Each style is available in four colors:

  • Aged Teak
  • Black Sand
  • Oak Barrel
  • Oyster Shell

In addition, each color offers either a more modern, smooth, honed finish or a weathered, more traditional Travertine finish for a more weathered look.

Eldorado Infinite Fire Bowl

Eventually, our client decided on the Infinite style fire bowl for their patio redesign. The Infinite fire bowl has a simple shape that fit perfectly into the new design.


The Eldorado Stone Infinite fire bowl weighs 325 pounds and measures 36.25″L x 36.25″W x 18.5″H.A gas shut-off key is supplied and is used to turn the gas on and off at the fire bowl. The Infinite bowl has a built-in shelf that holds a 65,000 BTU gas / propane burner, that is constructed with all brass fittings. The burner platform is made from heavy duty stainless steel, that boasts a10-year limited warranty.

Each bowl is hand-crafted through an extensive four-step finishing process, which results in subtle, one-of-a-kind, variations in color and texture similar to natural limestone.

Bluestone Patio Redesign

The client wanted to center the Infinite fire bowl in the center of the patio but closer to the outer edge, and they wanted it connected to the natural gas of their house. This meant that we had to install underground natural gas pipe to the fire bowl from the house.

We spoke to our local fire department and they suggested that the fire pit be at least 10 feet from the house and any other wooden structures. We chose a location that was 10 feet away from both the house and an adjoining, L-shaped screen porch.

To say we were pleased with the quality of the Infinite fire bowl is an understatement. The outer finish looks like it was formed naturally. The plumber also commented on how robust and well-constructed the burner was.

The mason who removed the blue stone and reinstalled it after we installed the gas line commented that he had never seen a store-bought fire bowl of such high quality. He left with the Eldorado Stone website written on the back of my business card!

Gas Pipe Connections

The Infinite fire bowl comes with an integrated 65,000 BTU gas burner, a bag of black lava rock, and all match-lit components that comply with CSA standards for liquid propane or natural gas hookups.

It requires a minimum of a ¾” diameter gas line, installed in a home-run fashion from the house. Our plan was to take up the blue stone, dig an 18” deep trench for the gas line to travel through. This gas line needs to have a shut off that is separate, and accessible than the one on the fire bowl. We decided that the gas line would transition up from the patio at the house, with a shut-off valve at the foundation wall. The pipe would then penetrate the house foundation and connect to the interior gas supply.

It’s important to note that a plumber needs to ensure that your house piping will carry enough gas to supply the fire bowl. This may require additional metal gas piping to be run inside the home to access the fire bowl area.

Using the Infinite Fire bowl

The installation went flawlessly and the plumber commented on how easy the Eldorado Stone fore bowl was to connect to his gas line.

Using the fire bowl is easy. Simply turn on the gas and light the burner with a light or match. The flames float through the lava rocks and create a beautiful fore pattern. There’s plenty of heat output as well with the 65,000 but burner. It’s a very enjoyable and easy experience.

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Fire bowls bring a special aura to an outdoor living design. When we talk about the design of patios, gardens, and courtyards, an outdoor fire bowl is an essential element.  Who doesn’t enjoy that flickering glow of a fire? It adds atmosphere, warmth, and an inviting allure to outdoor spaces.

I know that we are now sold with the Eldorado Stone fire bowls and are constantly recommending them to our clients when remodeling or re-designing their outdoor living spaces. Learn morn about fire bowls here: Choosing a Fire Bowl.

 Installing an Eldorado Infinite Fire Bowl Video

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