Somerset II Trellis

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Somersett II Trellis

Installing A Somerset® II Trellis Review

A trellis is an architectural structure often used to support plants.  When done correctly a trellis should create a simple and attractive addition to your landscaping.

These days people are getting more and more into vertical gardening.  Were seeing this more and more in the city and on roof tops and balconies.

Recently the folks at Feeney, Inc. sent me one of their New Somerset® II Trellis kits too review.

The Somerset® II Trellis kit is intended for mounting on vertical surfaces like walls and feces and is sold as a complete, easy-to-install kits with powder-coated aluminum support frames and stainless steel cable and rod vine lattices.

The Somerset® II is designed to support light to medium-weight foliage and be easy to install.  We were about to find out.

Video Installation / Review:

First Impression:

The system consists of two 40” long powder- coated aluminum brackets that make up the top and bottom frame of this unit.   These brackets screw to the wall face or fence and support four vertical 1/8” stainless steel cables and five horizontal 1/8” diameter rods.

I immediately liked that this system allows the installer to customize the size and rod spacing.

For example; the support brackets can be spaced from 2 to 6 feet apart to fit a variety of wall heights, and patented adjustable Quick-Connect® cable attachment fittings allow the cable assemblies to be easily tightened and trimmed to exact size.

Somersett II Trellis


  • Easy-to-install kit,  complete will all mounting hardware and installation instructions.
  • Aluminum support  brackets with durable, powder-coated finishes.
  • Type 316 marine-grade stainless steel cable and rod lattices and components for lasting beauty and weather-tough strength.
  • Special Micro Cross-Clamp connectors allow for easy attachment and positioning of rods.
  • Variety of uses:  extending gardens vertically, vegetable supports privacy panels, space dividers, sun shades, decorative backdrops, and more.
  • Multiple kits can be combined to extend the overall trellis area and help create the landscape design you desire.

Somersett II Trellis

Follow The Instructions:

I chose a spot in my garden that already had a climbing plant.  Because I did not have a trellis to support it, this plant was entwined upon itself.

NOTE – make sure you read the directions.  I’m no different than another guy with A-D-D.  I immediately ripped open the box and started assembling things, not looking at the instructions.

I learned three things from not following the directions:

1.    The stainless steel Quick-Connect® fittings have a one-way jaw that grabs and locks onto the stainless steel cable.  Prior to reading the instructions, I slid a cable into one of these connectors, only to later learn that there was no turning back –I had to cut the cable to remove the fitting.  Do Not Make this mistake as it could limit your maximum 72” trellis height.

2.  After looking at the directions, I realized that I had installed my Trellis upside down.  This is easy to rectify by reversing the support brackets.

3.  I tightened the threaded terminal fittings too much which exposed too much thread.  This in turn prohibited me from covering them with the decorative black plastic caps.  This can be easily fixed by loosening the nut and taking up the slack on the other end with the Quick-Connect® fitting.

Somersett II Trellis

Tools Needed:

Once I selected my location, I looked at the parts and figured out I needed the following tools:

  1. Drill with pilot bit
  2. Drill driver with nut driver
  3. Level
  4. Socket wrench
  5. Locking Pliers
  6. Cable Cutters [if trellis is going to be shorter than 72”]
  7. Measuring tape
  8. Felt pen marker (for marking the rod positions on the cables)

Installing the Somerset® II trellis

I pre-assembled my brackets and cables in my shop prior to going outside.   You do not have to do this, and I’m not recommending it.  Remember… I did not follow directions.

I drilled a pilot hole to receive one lag on top right bracket.  I estimated this location and installed my bracket leaving the spacer block and lag bolt slightly loose so it will swivel.

Once the right side bracket was installed I held it up and leveled it.  Once level, I drilled and installed the second stainless steel lag bolt and spacer.  I then tightened both lag bolts.

Somersett II Trellis


To ensure that you line up the bottom bracket correctly use a level to plumb down to locate the starting edge [right side] of the bottom bracket.

Once the bottom bracket position was located, I installed the bottom bracket the exact same way as the top.

The next step was to pull the stainless steel cables taunt.  The stainless steel Quick-Connect® fittings have a one-way jaw that securely grabs and locks the stainless steel cable in place.

I then roughly positioned and installed the horizontal stainless steel rods.  I did this by slipping all of the Micro Cross-Clamps on the rod and then installing only the far left and far right clamp.

Once all of the rods were roughly positioned, I took the time to measure and figure out the spacing for my custom installation.  At its full length the Somerset® II Trellis spans 72” high.  This equates for a super nice 12” spacing of the cables and rods.

On my installation I chose to space my rods at 8-1/2”.  Once I had this measurement I spaced all of the Micro Cross-Clamps and tightened the locking setscrews.

I then used my cable cutters to cut the excess cable.   Decorative end caps would then be placed on the cable fasteners to provide a finished detail.

30 minutes to install and Finished!

It was that easy!

Overall Impression:

The Somerset® II Trellis is a super durable and easy-to-install trellis system.  If you’re looking to expand your vegetable garden space vertically or have decorative climbing plants that need some additional support, this system is for you.

The quality of this unit will outlive the fence it’s installed on.  It’s designed with stainless steel and powder coated aluminum.  There will be no rusting here folks!!

After installing this unit I realized that if mounted on two vertical posts the Somerset® II Trellis could be installed next to a patio or low deck creating an awesome privacy or sun barrier.

The Somerset® II Trellis sells for $249.00 and is an awesome value when considered how long this unit will last and how little time and effort is needed to install it.  Plus it can be taken down and relocated over and over.

Highly recommended!




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