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Dust Free Drilling

Recently my friend and co-worker George Gussler had to install twenty molly bolts in a plaster wall.  The molly bolts were to hold up heavy artwork and the home where the art was going in was furnished.  In order to avoid making a dusty mess George came up with this innovative and dust free drilling solution.

Dust Free Drilling Jig

George took a scrap piece of Tyvek housewrap but you could also use a paper grocery bag.  He folded the bag to make a pocket, using tape to hold it together.  He then used blue painters tape to tape his dust free drilling solution under each hole he was drilling.

The bag captured all of the plaster dust which saved him the time and frustration of vacuuming in twenty different spots.
For serious drilling and dust collection, take a peek at the DeWALT dust extractor systems.

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